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  • PokerStars and Viktor Blom Part Ways

    Thursday, August 16th, 2012 by Ryan

If you are a fan of the game of poker, then there’s more than a pretty good chance that you’ve heard the name Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. Blom is one of the highest stakes players in the world today, and he’s also one of the biggest names in poker right now as well. Blom is currently one of the Team PokerStars Pros, or at least he was until there was a mutual split between Blom and the massive online poker site PokerStars. At first many people were curious about the split and what exactly had happened, but Blom was quick to state that it was a mutual split for a few different reasons.

A statement that was released by Eric Hollreisser, who is the head of the PokerStars Corporate Communications said that it was “hard to recall a player who has kept the poker world so riveted at such an early stage of his career”, and also that they wish him “nothing but success”. Blom released his own statement as well including the fact that he “enjoyed his team as a Team Pro and wishes everyone at PokerStars the best”, he went on to say that he simply wants to “concentrate on playing poker”.

Blom is known for quite a few things, but if you remember back to 2009 when he was playing on Full Tilt Poker, he hauled in an incredible streak of profit. He won multiple millions of dollars in just a few weeks, but things turned sour soon after that when he lost all that money back even quicker than he originally won it. The story behind him was so incredible at the time because he was an unknown player, and he had already played in the 10 largest pots in the history of the online poker world. He also went on to lose $4.2 million in one single day to well-known Brian Hastings.

Blom was doing quite well on PokerStars to this point in 2012, as he took down the Super High Roller tournament at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, and after that pulled in two back to back victories at WCOOP tournaments, which is one of the most impressive feats in online poker history. To make things even more shocking, Blom is only 21 years old, and you can bet that after the poker world found out that this anonymous player was this young, that they were completely blown away. He’s an incredibly accomplished player, and one that will definitely continue to have success in the poker world.

It’s a shocking split, but honestly when Full Tilt Poker gets back up and running, there’s definitely a chance that we may see Blom’s name attached as one of the poker pros. Another key reason is that Blom may not have wanted to be locked into playing specific amounts of poker each month, mainly because he’s just not that type of player it seems. Regardless though, only time will tell, but you can bet that you will be seeing Viktor Blom in major poker tournaments both live and online in the upcoming months and years, even if he isn’t linked with one specific site.




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