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  • PokerStars Anticipating Forty Billionth Hand

    Tuesday, February 16th, 2010 by t2admin

Online poker rooms celebrate for many reasons and when an online poker room reaches a milestone the room will hold a special celebration. PokerStars recently announced they are about to reach a major milestone, the 40 billionth hand dealt. To celebrate this major milestone, the online poker room will be offering hand rewards, special sit and go’s and VIP offers.

For every millionth hand dealt players will earn a cash prize based on the number of points they have earned at the poker tables. PokerStars stated that staring with the 39, 601, 00 the site will be giving away more than one million dollars with $40 offered up for every point a player earned on their 40 previous visits to that table.

A statement from PokerStars read: “PokerStars calculates that in the last 40 hands at that table you have earned 31 VPPs. Add that to the extra VPP that all players dealt in are awarded and you have a total of 32 VPPs. This means you’ll win $1,280 (32x$40). Go on to win the hand and this will be double to $2,560.”

Players that participate in the 40 billionth hand will earn $400 for every point they have earned over the previous 40 hands. The winner of the special event will have their cash prize doubled. Eight special tournaments will also take place during the celebration with a $40,000 prize pool up for grabs. A special Sunday Million fourth Anniversary Edition game will take place on February 21st and will feature an amazing prize pool that is guaranteed at $4 million.

PokerStars is also offering a one per customer $40 in instant cash credit for players who have VIP status. Players can purchase the $40 instant cash credit for just 2,500 FPPs from now until the 21st.




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