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  • PokerStars Cuts Back On Poker Pros Once Again

    Wednesday, January 4th, 2012 by Ryan

PokerStars seems to continuously find themselves popping up in the news. They come in once again this week for a story that is similar to a few of their past ones, which features the online poker site cutting ties with a former Team PokerStars Pro. The stories about Stars recently have included the changes that they made to their site for the year 2012 as well, which have gotten quite a bit of backlash from the players on the site. There have been some interesting rumbles about these changes, and many of them have been about the players feeling that the site is simply taking money from players because of the changes to their VIP Player Point program. One player who won’t have to worry too much about this (you’d assume) is one of the biggest names in poker, especially in Europe, John Duthie.

Duthie is actually the creator of the European Poker Tour, and he confirmed early this week that he is no longer a part of the Team PokerStars Pro roster any longer. The rumor first began on the popular Two Plus Two forums, and some people actually made it seem like the reason for his split from the site had something to do with the recent changes, and the protests that came from players about the changes. Many players on the forum felt that Duthie was a huge reason for why PokerStars had gotten so big in Europe (because of the European Poker Tour), and had no idea about why Stars would cut him out for their own mistakes, when Duthie was apparently part of the protest. Of course, it was all rumors, and Duthie actually went on the forum to clear it all up.

In his post, he essentially said that the decision for the split had nothing to do with the VPP situation, or the protest that occurred on the site. Duthie went on to say that the deal actually wasn’t even PokerStars creating the split, but it was actually Duthie deciding he did not want to renew his contract with the huge online poker site. He went on to say that it was only his decision, and called it “self centered”.

Duthie is a big name in poker of course, and his name first started popping up back in 2000 when he won the first Poker Million for a nice pay day of about $1,426,330. While Duthie may not have won a World Series of Poker gold bracelet just yet, he has a total live tournament earnings of $2,774,963, and has 13 WSOP cashes as well, including a second place finish in the $10k Heads-Up World Championship. As previously mentioned, he created the EPT back in 2004, and it is currently in its eighth season. When it was first created many people felt that it would have some trouble competing with the World Poker Tour, but it has done a great job of creating excellent tournaments and drawing in some very strong fields as well. Duthie is the CEO of this tour, and you can bet that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon thanks to the excellent job that he’s done to this point.




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