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  • PokerStars Deals 40 Billionth Hand

    Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 by t2admin

Last week we brought you the news that online poker giant PokerStars was anticipating their 40 billionth hand to be dealt. This is a major milestone and the hand was finally dealt on February 19th. The poker room was holding several events and giving away cash to celebrate the upcoming milestone.

It was around lunchtime on the 19th that the 40 billionth hand was dealt. Four hundred hands were dealt since last Wednesday when the site began the celebration to see when the special hand would be dealt. Those involved in every millionth hand would earn a cash prize for being involved on the way to the 40 billionth hand.

Players who were lucky enough to be involved in the 40 billionth hand earned $400 for each VIP Player Point they earned at the table over the previous 40 hands. The winner of the poker hand earned twice what the position originally gave.

The winning hand was dealt to table Naef III and the game was won by Senecady. The game was $2/$4 No Limit Texas Hold’em and the board showed 7-Q-7-10-7 and Senecady was holding K-10 which gave him a sevens over tens full house. Senecady earned a prize of $24,000 along with the $350 pot.

There were five other players involved in the hand. 13_Xerxes_13 and Joe Hahn earned $1,500 while jeckjeck earned $12,400.80. thecooler992 and zawaaa both earned a large prize of $15,590.20. This is an amazing accomplishment and strongly shows why PokerStars.com is the number one poker room available online today. The site began in 2000 and the 25 billionth hand was dealt just one year ago so they have come a long way in a short amount of time!




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