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  • PokerStars EPT Grand Final Has Fewest Entries Since 2006

    Thursday, May 9th, 2013 by Ryan

While the World Series of Poker is just around the corner, and many people are expecting to see some big numbers show up for a good number of the tournaments, here we come in with some news that isn’t so great. This comes out of the PokerStars European Poker Tour’s Grand Final, as it ended up being the least number of players to buy-in to the event since back in 2006. When Day 1A of the action for registration opened up, we saw only 108 players register for the Grand Final, which is shocking as this is the largest tournament of the year for the PokerStars European Poker Tour. While this obviously pointed to the fact that the numbers were going to be low, no one knew what would happen on Day 1B. Fortunately though, there were a good number of entrants at 423 for Day 1B. As you could have guessed, they were still expecting far more players than the final number at 531, but Day 1B ended up saving the day for this event overall.

While this was the fewest entrants to buy-in to the event since back in 2006, they fortunately still had a solid first place pay day, but it wasn’t what the players were expecting I’m sure. Back in 2006 the tour was still getting rolling, and it was only in its second season, so that definitely played a large part in why the numbers were so low. We saw only 298 players buy-in to the event back in 2006, and in another bad trend, this is now the fourth year in a row that the numbers for the PokerStars EPT Grand Final has dropped, so that’s definitely something that they will want to address moving forward.

The European Poker Tour really had nowhere to go but upwards from that point, and while they were able to build the numbers up a bit, in 2011 we saw things drop off for this tour. It’s a big question as to why the numbers have dropped so much, and it’s one that the tour will likely look into as the upcoming season rolls along, and hopefully get those numbers back up. Obviously almost no tournament series can really compare with how massive the World Series of Poker is, but you’ll find that the WSOP is almost always going to draw in huge numbers of players and massive prize pools, and that’s why many other tournament series’ base how they do things off of the World Series.

Throughout the life of the EPT Grand Final, we’ve seen it played at the Monte Carlo, except for back in 2011 when it was moved to Madrid, Spain for one year. In season one, back in 2005 the Grand Final drew in 211 players, which went up to 298 in season two. We saw a big jump after that going into 2007, when 706 players bought in, followed by 842 in 2008, and then a very nice 935 entries in 2009. This is when the drop began from that point on, as 2010 had 848 players, the event in Madrid in 2011 had 686, and that was followed up by 665 in 2012.

Even with the numbers going down to only 531 players for 2013, there were still some big names who are out in the action, and many of them made it through to Day 2 of the event as well. A few players who bought into the event who were onto Day included the likes of Freddy Deeb, Jake Cody, Andrew Lichtenberger, Dan Smith, and Victor Ramdin just to name a few who jumped in on the action. Obviously there were quite a few others who didn’t make it out of either Day 1A or Day 1B, but there are likely to be a few popular names who could make a deep run in this event and end up bringing a solid first place pay day.

We’ll keep you updated on the PokerStars European Poker Tour’s Grand Final this coming weekend, and break down whoever is able to take down the win when all is said and done.




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