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  • PokerStars EPT Grand Final Won by Nicolas Chouity

    Monday, May 3rd, 2010 by t2admin

The 2010 PokerStars European Poker Tour Grand Final has finished up and it was SuperNova status Nicolas Chouity who earned the win. Chouity held a large chip lead when final table play began to help him earn the first place finish.

Chouity played quite a game to earn the EPT title win. He worked his opponents well using his chip lead to force them to make quick decisions. Chouity would take down six of the seven players he faced to earn the win.

First to go in final table play would be Mesbah Guerfi who would be followed close by Roger Hairabedian, Aleh Plauski, Andrew Chen and Herve Costa. This would leave Dominykas Karmazinas, Josef Klinger and Nicolas Chouity in three way play.

Karmazinas would be the short stack and he would eventually call an all in by Chouity. Karmazinas held A-7 while Chouity showed A-6. The board fell Q-5-3-6-K to give Chouity the hand and knock Karmainas out in third place.

This would leave Chouity and Klinger to compete in heads up play. Chouity held a significant chip lead with just over 17,000,000 more chips than Klinger. In the end Klinger would go all in with pocket eights only to be called by Chouity who held pocket aces. All Klinger could do was shake his head as the board fell K-10-9-4-Q and he was knocked out in second place. Chouity had played an awesome game and the first place finish was well deserved.

Final Results:

1. Nicolas Chouity – 1.7 million EUR
2. Josef Klinger – 1.0 million EUR
3. Dominykas Karmazinas – 700k EUR
4. Herve Costa – 500k EUR
5. Andrew Chen – 400k EUR
6. Aleh Plauski – 300k EUR
7. Roger Hairabedian – 200k EUR
8. Mesbah Guerfi – 140k EUR




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