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  • PokerStars EPT San Remo Concludes

    Tuesday, April 28th, 2009 by t2admin

The PokerStars European Poker Tour saw eight players proceed to the final table after outlasting almost 1,200 other players. It looked as though the chip leader since day 1, Dragan Galic, would walk away with the win but it was Constant Rijkenberg who would hold on and take the first place win.

When final table play began Dragan Galic held the chip lead as he had since day 1 play. No other player has held the chip lead for that many days in the history of the EPT. Galic had a lead of a little over 400,000, while Rijenkberg was fourth in chips.

The first player to be eliminated from the final table was Danilo D’Ettoris. D’Ettoris went all in with A-Q to be called by Rijkenberg who held pocket fours. The board gave Rijkenberg two pair and the hand which knocked D’Ettoris out in eighth place.

Alexander Fitzgerald would be the next player to go all in after drawing A-K. William Reynolds would call with pocket Jacks and his pair would hold up and earn him the hand. Fitzgerald had little chips left and would go out in the next hand after being taken out by Dragan Galic.

Ovidiu Balaj would go out in sixth while Dragan Galic would be next in fifth place. Dragan had held the chip lead for some time but after going up against Rijkenberg, Dragan would lose his chips and be out of the competition. William Reynolds and Gustav Sundell would go out in fourth and third place which would leave Rijkenberg and Kalle Niemi to compete in heads up play.

It would not be long before Poker Stars Rijkenberg would claim the EPT San Remo win. On the last hand both were all in with Rijkenberg holding pocket aces against Niemi’s A-10. Needing a ten on the river, Niemi would be knocked out in second place after a four fell on the river.

Final Results:

1 – Constant Rijkenberg, Holland, €1,508,000
2 – Kalle Niemi, Finland, €862,000
3 – Gustav Sundell, Sweden, €480,000
4 – William Reynolds, United States €377,000
5 – Dragan Galic, Croatia, €314,000
6 – Ovi Balaj, Romania, €229,000
7 – Alex Fitzgerald, USA, €171,000
8 – Danilo D’Ettoris, Italy, €114,000




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