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    Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 by Ryan

PokerStars is the largest online poker site in the game today, and they just announced that their newest site, PokerStars.eu, is up and running for players in two huge countries to play in. This is set up for players from both Finland and Sweden, and the site will give almost the exact same feel as the regular PokerStars.com. The idea behind PokerStars.eu though is that it’s supposed to help allow players from these two countries, as well as many other European ones in the upcoming future. The site was ready to roll after they locked up their Malta Remote Gaming License this past week.

Things are done a bit differently in these countries than in most countries that allow online poker, as Sweden will take in a 30 percent tax on gross winnings for any poker sites that are based outside of the European Union. Finland works in a similar way though, as it will require their players to pay income tax on any winnings outside of the European Economic Area. This area includes all EU members and Norway, Iceland, and Lichtenstein. Before this new site for Stars was created, players from Sweden and Finland could still play, but they were playing on the main PokerStars site. The issue here is that the license there (Isle of Man) isn’t a member of the European Union, so players were getting hit with taxes left and right that were putting quite the damper on their bankroll. By moving to the new PokerStars.eu, players in these two countries aren’t hit with these incredible taxes.

One thing that is important to point out about the new PokerStars.eu, is that while it is a different site, the players will still be playing with every other player on the PokerStars’ main site PokerStars.com. The tables and games are all the same, which means that you’ll still be able to take part in the high stakes cash games and the big time guaranteed poker tournaments that the site constantly runs. Stars has remained a juggernaut in the online poker world, even after they lost their United States based players due to Black Friday. The site is currently the largest online poker site in the game today, and averages around 26,600 cash game players over a seven day span, which is over five times more than their next closest competitor. Even sites like PokerStars.it and PokerStars.fr (Italian and French) rank in the top 10 for their cash game players as well, which is quite impressive.

With the new PokerStars.eu being created, players from Sweden and Finland will see all of their information begin updating and moving over to the new site from the old option. This will include things like their cash balance and account information, Frequent Player Points, and many other things that are included in this. It will be interesting to see how this new PokerStars.eu site will do against some of the other sites in the game, and if it picks up popularity as quickly as anything else with the name “PokerStars” has in recent years!




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