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    Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 by t2admin

Kent Lundmark was named this year’s 2010 EPT Barcelona Champion. He bested a field of 758 competitors to become the European Poker Tour Barcelona champion. Lundmark is the sixth Swede to win an EPT title.

Lundmark, age 22, took on Jesus Marquez Lizano of Spain in the finals. Each man had 12 million chips when they faced one another. In what was an intense battle that lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes, Lundmark came out on top. He won the largest poker tournament ever to take place in Spain, a trophy, bragging rights and the EPT Barcelona Championship title. Perhaps, most importantly, the young poker player waked away with about €825,000 in prize money. Lizano, the runner-up didn’t do too bad for himself either. He won €525,000. He also set an EPT record. His second place finish made him the highest Spanish finisher ever. His fellow country man, Santiago Terrazas finished third in this very same event.

The final table, with chip counts, included, the following persons, Jesus Marquez Lizano (3,800,000), Kent Lundmark (3,025,000), Konstantin Puchkov (4,160,000), Shander De Vries (3,120,000), Giuseppe Pantaleo (5,655,000), Francesco Notaro (745,000), Thor Stang (1,290,000) and Georgios Skotadis (1,105,000).

After the dust cleared, Kent Lundmark finished in first. The rest of the field, payouts included, finished as a followed, Jesus Cortes Lizano, Spain ( €525,000), Konstantin Puchkov, Russia (€300,000), Shander De Vries, Holland (€222,000), Giuseppe Pantaleo, Germany (€170,000), Thor Stang, Norway (€130,000), Georgios Skotadis, Greece (€90,000), Francesco Notaro, Italy (€70,000). All in all, the event’s top 7 finishers made out pretty good. No one made less then €70,000 grand, which isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, for only a few days work.

The European Poker Tour is one of the most well-known and respected tours in all of Europe. This is the seventh year it has been in existence and it seems to only be growing. This season, there were 13 events on the schedule. The first one took place in Tallinn, Estonia. Other stops included Portugal, Austria, Germany and London.

European Poker Tour events are routinely filmed for television broadcast. Whether a person watches tournaments online or participates in them, the EPT is one of the sports most popular and well respected tours in the world. Winning an event is quite prestigious.

Kent Lundmark’s recent win certainly places the spotlight squarely on him and his future play. Poker fans and players will certainly be watching to see if Lundmark’s win was a fluke or if in fact, he’s the real deal.




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