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  • PokerStars February 20th 2011 Tournament Report

    Monday, February 21st, 2011 by t2admin

PokerStars was slightly less busy this past weekend compared to other recent weekends, but that’s in large part due to the final events at the FTOPS XIX taking place over the weekend at Full Tilt Poker. None of the events ended up offering players an overlay, but overlays are very rare in the major PokerStars tournaments. Due to the smaller prize pools this Sunday at PokerStars there was only one deal made in the Sunday Million, which we’ll talk about in detail below.

PokerStars Sunday 500

• Entrants – 1106 / Prize Pool – $553,000

With slightly over 1100 poker players in the Sunday 500 this weekend at PokerStars the prize pool went over the guaranteed amount by a little over $50K. This week the final players ended up playing the tournament right down to the end without agreeing to any deals. APD0290 managed to outlast the rest of the competition and win 1st place, which was good for $94K. Cal_Baller won $69K for finishing the tournament in 2nd place and Isaac Baron won $52K for finishing in 3rd place this weekend. Overall it was a great tourney that didn’t take that long to complete, but I expect the playing field to be bigger next week now that the FTOPS XIX is over.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

• Entrants – 5175 / Prize Pool – $1,035,000

The Sunday Warm-Up had almost double the prize pool compared to the Sunday 500 this weekend and the top two players walked away with six figure payouts. Matt Haugen was the player that won the tournament this Sunday and he earned a total of $160K while the other six-figure winner was Steffo8, who finished in 2nd place and won $120K. Jfitz23 was eliminated from the event in 3rd place, but still walked away with an $85K payout.

PokerStars Sunday Million

• Entrants – 9178 / Prize Pool – $1,835,600

The PokerStars Sunday Million this week still attracted a ton of players and went well over the $1M guarantee. The top 3 players this week decided to cut a deal, which ensured all three would win well into the six figures. Arabella1722 won $196K for finishing in 1st place, Glenn McCaffrey won $169K for finishing in 2nd place and Brian Horton won $224K for finishing in 3rd place. Sometimes the deal works out for the chip leader and sometimes it doesn’t, but this was definitely a case of the chip leader benefiting from the deal.




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