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    Thursday, October 20th, 2011 by Ryan

PokerStars is the largest online poker site out there today, and they haven’t struggled holding back their competition since Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker both went under after Black Friday eliminated online poker in the US for the big time sites. While Full Tilt and Absolute were not able to overcome the loss of the United States players, PokerStars outlasted the loss of players, and continues to build their online poker traffic. On top of that though, they also continue to add new games and new tournament ideas as well. This is where Time Tournaments came from, as they are a brand new idea to come out for the massive online poker site.

The idea behind these new poker tournaments is that they are fast paced, and essentially the opposite of a standard multi-table poker tournament. Instead of players playing in the event until one player has all of the chips at the end; a Time Tournament will last for a specific period of time. Once the tournament hits that time, the final players who are remaining in the event will split the prize pool depending on the stack sizes of each player. This is just another way that PokerStars looks to take advantage of the fact that players like to play in fast paced games that allow them to see quite a few hands, and also won’t take up an incredible amount of time to play in each tournament.

The events will be offered at multiple different buy-ins for players, and start for as little as $1 for the recreational players out there, and get very high for the high stakes players as well. These events run similar to sit-n-go tournaments, as they will run all day every day. As far as the length of time for each tournament, this will range as well between as low as 15 minutes, all the way up to 180 minutes. As you could assume, the 15 minute events run very quickly, and are a popular choice for players who are just looking to get in on some quick action. Players have this wide range of tournament lengths, so that you can fit in a tournament any time of the day.

Any PokerStars Time Tournament will be listed under the tournament tab on their site, and has a stopwatch picture next to the events. PokerStars has also decided to add a Time Tournament into their incredibly impressive Saturday tournament lineup. Their standard lineup features guaranteed events that are pretty high dollar and draw in some very large prize pools as well. The new guaranteed Time Tournament that they offer will kick off on October 22nd, and will be a two hour tournament. The buy-in for the event will be set at $22, and will have a very nice guarantee of $10,000; which should pay out a nice payday to players who last through the two hours. One last thing to remember about these Saturday events, is that on October 29th, all of the Saturday events will be doubled in size, meaning that there is a $20k guaranteed prize pool in this event!




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