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    Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 by t2admin

José Miguel Espinar Wins PokerStars LAPT Uruguay

The final stop on PokerStars Latin American Poker Tour in Punta del Este, Uruguay came to an end last weekend as José Miguel Espinar routed the field to earn the top prize of $241,735.

It came down to an unforgettable finish as the field of 351, the second largest on the inaugural season of the PokerStars LAPT series, was whittled down to the final participants. Deciding the final nine, Espinar ousted Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso as his pocket Aces triumphed over her nines.

The final table was set, Espinar going in with the 3rd highest chip stack. Only three hands in, Espinar raised pre-flop with K-Q, calling a re-raise from Brazilian player Paulo Cesar Ribeiro, who held pocket Jacks. A Check-Raise from Espinar brought Ribeiro all-in after the flop of K-K-6, and the rest is history. Ribeiro left in 9th with $17,025.

The Spaniard continued his impressive run, taking out Juan Jose Perez in 7th place just a short while later as his A-J ran up against Perez’s pocket Aces. It looked grim for Espinar from the start when the Flop came down, Q-T-2, and the Ace on the turn certainly didn’t help his prospects, but when the River dropped a King, Espinar made the straight to send Perez to the rails in 7th with $25,535.

Espinar quieted down for awhile, maintaining a comfortable chip lead as the rest of the table took on the task of eliminating each other one by one. Eventually, it came down to three players – José Espinar, Alex Brenes and Lisandro Gallo.

Valuable chip stacks rotated the table for awhile until finally Gallo and Brenes battled it out for heads-up against Espinar. With a limping stack, Gallo pushed all-in with Q-9. Holding pocket Aces, Brenes was more than happy to oblige the Call, eliminating Gallo in 3rd position for $93,630.

As heads-up play commenced, Espinar held the advantage with $2,000,000 chips over Brenes’s $1,500,000. In the final hand, Brenes was forced all in as his 40k chips weren’t enough to cover the big blind. His A-T seemed strong, but Espinar’s K-3 prevailed, sending Brenes to the rails in 2nd place to pocket $127,675.

José Miguel Espinar earned the PokerStars.net LAPT Punta del Este Title and $241,735 – not bad for a few hours of mentally stringent labor.




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