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  • PokerStars Names First Supernova Elite of 2010

    Wednesday, April 14th, 2010 by t2admin

Becoming a Supernova Elite player at PokerStars is a daunting task. Players must earn one million VIP Player Points in one calendar year before they will be named to the Supernova Elite status and it can be quite hard to earn that many points. But for one PokerStars player it seems to come quite easy.

George ‘Jorj95’ Lind reached Supernova Elite status in March of2008 which was the fastest that any one has ever earned the status title. Lind also finished the year with three million VPPs which is another amazing feat. This year it took Lind three months to earn the Supernova elite status. On March 30th Lind gained enough points to become a Supernova Elite member.

Lind has estimated that he plays about 650 hours, 80,000 sit and gos and 836,402 hands to earn the status. It averages out to about 50 hours of poker per week which is longer than many regular people’s work week.

Supernova Elite status offers players several rewards that are well worth the extended playing time. Supernova Elite members get free entries to exclusive weekly, monthly and quarterly free rolls. The free rolls have guarantees of $30,000, $100,000 and $1 million. The special players also get a free entry into the World Championship of Online Poker Main Event and any two packages to compete in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, World Series of Poker Main Event, European Poker Tour Monte Carlo Grand Final and the Asian Pacific Poker Tour Sydney.

In his PokerStars Blog, Lind writes, “I don’t really know the reason that I get so motivated by accomplishments like this, but whatever the reason is, I’m glad it exists. While playing poker online is normally pretty fun, doing it every day can become a bit of a grind if you don’t find ways to motivate yourself. I tend to set lots of little goals for myself just to get myself to put in more hours, such as trying to play a certain number of SNGs in a day, or trying to get a certain number of VPPs in a week or month.”




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