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  • PokerStars Nears Their 75 Billionth Hand

    Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 by Ryan

Every once in a while the massive online poker site PokerStars will pop up in the poker news for one of their “billionth hand” promotions, and this is one of those times. The reason why these promotions are so important is because they are excellent, and payout a nice pay day to whichever player is able to hit whichever billionth hand that they are currently on. Right now, they are hitting the 75 billionth hand in their existence, and while the action might have slowed down just a bit since Black Friday hit the United States, they are still trucking along. PokerStars is the largest online poker site, and they are definitely one of the most talked about sites as well. They have now decided to give away up to a million dollars in the coming days during their “Road to 100 Billion” promo that is currently rocking the online poker world.

The promotion is one of the more straight forward online poker promotions that is going on, as players simply have to be playing at a real money cash game table in order to have a chance to win. Everyone gets the same shot at winning, which means that even if you are playing at a $0.01/$0.02 table, you are just as likely to pull in the big pay day as someone who is playing at a $100/$200 limit table. In order to win, you have to be dealt into a millionth hand, and there are a few different potential ways to take home a win. For starters anyone who gets into one of the millionth hands takes home $20 instantly plus another $60 which is multiplied by the number of Player Points which you have brought in during the last 50 hands at that specific table. So you can win quite a bit of money, and are essentially guaranteed $80 right off the bat. The player that actually takes down the hand that is being played will get their total winnings doubled, so it’s important not to fold your hand!

The hand that everyone will REALLY be hoping to hit though is the 75 billionth one, in which there are some HUGE payouts for being a part of this hand. If you are dealt into this hand you’ll receive $10k right off the bat, and you get $1000 added times the amount of frequent player points that you have. So if you have 30 frequent player points during that session on that table, you are going to earn an additional $30k on top of the $10k that you were given originally. More importantly though, if you win the hand, the prize is once again doubled, so you could be taking home a huge prize for winning the 75 billionth hand. If by some chance it ends up as a split pot, then any player who earned a part of the main pot will get a double in their prize.

It’s all about the cash games here, so if you see that they are getting close to the 75 billionth hand, be sure to jump onto a cash game table in order to have a chance to pull in some of the big time prizes!




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