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  • PokerStars Prevents Online Poker Account Hacking Attempt

    Monday, February 9th, 2009 by t2admin

Over the weekend, there was reportedly an attempt made to hack the accounts of online poker players at PokerStars.com. Several emails were sent out to inform members of the online poker community that may have been accessed, but thus far, no accounts have come up incorrect.

PokerStars sent out urgent emails to various members who they believe may have been the victim of an attempted hacking device, including keyloggers that record every key stroke. The keylogger then sends the full list of key strokes back to the hacker, potentially giving them logins, passwords and any personal information the user may have typed.

What caused a big scare in numerous online poker forums, however, was the way the emails came in from PokerStars. Though written in English, the grammar used was questionable. This caused many recipients of the email to correspond with PokerStars to confirm that the email in fact came from PokerStars Security.

PokerStars replied, validating that yes, the emails did come from PokerStars Security. The online poker room employs many multi-lingual employees, and considering the urgency of the email, grammar was apparently not the main concern.

For example, a portion of the email read: “Please run the Antivirus in your computer and search for any type of virus or spyware. We have the suspicious your computer(s) can be infected by a key logger. That is why need to know your computer is clear from threats.”

PokerStars was forced to block the accounts of all members whose information may have been compromised, but the action was taken to prevent any negative exploitation of these accounts. As we mentioned above, thus far, no accounts have lost funds.

The hack attempt is believed to have originated in the Netherlands. Many members who received the original email received a follow-up asking to confirm whether they accessed their account from the Netherlands at a specific time and date.

For optimal security purposes, PokerStars is asking that all blocked account members fax proof of identity to the online poker room before their account can be reopened. This is cumbersome at best, but well worth the knowledge of knowing your online poker account and personal information is sheltered.

Security has always been a top priority for online poker players, knowing that they are leaving their funds and identities in the hands of an online poker room that may or may not be able to protect them. Fortunately for member of PokerStars, the security measures are of the highest quality in the industry, and they are doing everything they can to continue upholding an impeccable security record.




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