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  • PokerStars Releases “Home Games” Feature

    Saturday, January 22nd, 2011 by t2admin

Have you always wanted to play online poker with your friends, but find it impossible to find a poker room that’ll allow you to play on the same table as your friends? Poker sites frown upon friends playing together on the same table because they’re worried about the two players trying to team up on the other players. PokerStars has just announced this week that they’ll be introducing a new feature in their poker room known as “Home Games”.

If you already have the PokerStars software on your computer you’ll be able to check out the new Home Game section by signing into your PokerStars account. You have the option of creating your own poker club or joining a poker club that has been made by your friend. When you want to sign-up for a poker club you need to have the ID # and invitation code. The reason you need to have those details about the club is so that random players can’t join groups with people they don’t know.

Setting up an online poker club at PokerStars is completely free of charge and you can play for real money against your friends as long as everyone has an account and money in their account. The club owner is in charge of setting up the monthly schedule of ring table games and tournaments for club members to play in. You can set-up any type of tournament or ring table game for the most part, but the maximum buy-ins is fairly low at the moment although they should increase in time hopefully.

When a ring table game or tournament finishes the results will be posted on the results page of your club for everyone to see how they’ve been doing. Any of the money won by players will be credited to their accounts right after the game. If you’re playing for real money PokerStars will take a rake of the game, but they also payout regular VPP’s and FPP’s in club games. The maximum number of friends that can join your poker club is 50 right now, but this might also increase in the future.

Now is the perfect time to start building your poker club with your friends. PokerStars is giving 1 ticket to a $100K freeroll to every club owner that can get at least 7 friends to join their club by March 5th. The winner of the $100K freeroll will win a trip to one of four possible destinations around the world. All of the club members will also win the trip so that they get to travel with the club owner and play poker.




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