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  • PokerStars Releases New Line-Up of Poker Tournaments on Saturdays

    Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 by t2admin

PokerStars is still the busiest online poker room and if you live outside of the USA it’s the best poker room to join. There was a new announcement made by PokerStars recently stating that they’ll be releasing a new line-up of poker tournaments that will be played on Saturdays. PokerStars already runs more online poker tournaments than any other online poker room, but there will now be 7 more added to the line-up and each of the 7 new tournaments on Saturdays will have a $20K GTD prize pool.

Sundays have always been the best day to play online poker, but many people end up becoming too busy on Sundays due to various reasons such as work, kids and a host of other reasons. Saturdays won’t be able to compete with Sundays at PokerStars, but there is no doubt that Saturdays are a lot more attractive now. Below is a list of the 7 new poker tournaments being added to the PokerStars Saturday line-up including all of the details you need to know about the events.

* “Saturday 6-Max” – NL Holdem 6-Max – $22 Buy-In – $30K GTD – 7:00ET

* “Saturday Micro” – NL Holdem – $3.30 Buy-In – $30K GTD – 8:00ET

* “Saturday Omaha” – PL Omaha – $55 Buy-In – $30K GTD – 9:00ET

* “Saturday Eliminator” – NL Holdem – $27 Buy-In – $40K GTD – 10:00ET

* “Saturday Splash” – NL Holdem 3x Turbo – $2.22 Buy-In + RB – $50K GTD – 11:00ET

* “Saturday Duel” – NL Holdem HU – $11 Buy-In – $20K GTD – 15:30ET

* “Saturday Speedway” – NL Holdem Turbo – $33 Buy-In – $50K GTD – 19:00ET

PokerStars “No Lose” Promotion

The 1st Saturday line-up will take place this weekend on June 25th 2011 and will be hosted every Saturday thereafter. To celebrate the kick-off of the new Saturday line-up, PokerStars has decided to offer a “No Lose” promotion. If you play in any of the 7 new tournaments this Saturday and don’t make the money, PokerStars will credit your account with a ticket to enter the same poker tournament for free, but you need to use the ticket before July 16th 2011 or else it’ll expire. Players are only allowed to earn 1 free ticket from this promotion on Saturday, but PokerStars will credit your account with the highest valued ticket. If you played in all of the events and didn’t make the money in any of them you’d receive 1 ticket to play in the Saturday Omaha tournament.




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