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  • PokerStars Releases Schedule for MicroMillions

    Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 by Ryan

PokerStars is the beast of the online poker world. No online poker site can really compare with the all-around games, tournaments, and massive number of players that are constantly on their site. Even their closest competition right now is Full Tilt Poker, and as you probably know, Full Tilt was actually purchased by PokerStars earlier this year. The deal featured PokerStars purchasing the disgruntled online poker site in Full Tilt, and they ended up paying back International players, and have also set up a game plan to pay back the United States based players as well. The news was great, and it only helped players feel even more comfortable about playing at the popular poker site after Black Friday. They’ve gotten things rolling fully, and you’ll find that they have a great tournament series coming up in the middle of March.

While PokerStars does many different types of tournaments and tournament series’ throughout the year, this newest one is one that draws in both the low stakes grinders as well as the high stakes poker players out there. With all of the traffic that they consistently get, it explains why they can run so many different types of tournaments and tournament types. The newest promotion is one that has already picked up a lot of steam, and it is called the MicroMillions. As you know, the Micro Stakes are for the lower limits, and they have a good number of tournaments and cash games constantly running. The new tournament series though will focus on offering some huge tournaments for low buy-ins.

Obviously the low stakes grinders love the big time tournaments with small buy-ins, and this is going to be a huge draw for these types of players. The MicroMillions will feature very small buy-in’s for players, but will have the massive guarantees attached to them. Players are going to find that tournaments will range in size a bit, but that there will be many different types of tournaments offered as well. Below we are going to break down the MicroMillions series, as far as what types of tournaments, the size of the buy-in’s, and also the length of time that the tournament series will run over.

The tournament is going to run over a ten day span, and will start up on March 14th going through March 24th. There are going to be a total of 100 different tournaments running over that span, so you can find games constantly running throughout each day. For the buy-in sizes, you can try things that are as low as $0.11 with a rebuy option, and the largest tournament on the agenda is the $22 Main Event. The other tournaments are all going to fall in the middle of these somewhere. That rebuy tournament that has the $0.11 buy-in is going to feature a $15,000 guarantee attached to it. In total, the guarantees will be anywhere from $5k up to $1 million, and as you can imagine the $1 million guarantee will go along with that previously mentioned Main Event. This game will also feature a whopping $150k at a minimum awarded to the winner of the big tournament.

The tournaments are going to run basically throughout every day, and you’ll find a few different types of tournaments as well, such as the rebuys, knockouts, turbos, and of course the popular ZOOM tournaments. These are all going to get a good amount of action, and it’s likely that you’ll find almost all of these tournaments featuring a ton of players as well. By heading over to the PokerStars site you can see a full list of the tournaments, buy-in’s, types of events, and much more as well.

This tournament series is likely to be one of the most followed by the players out there, and you’ll probably be able to find some of the biggest names at PokerStars playing in a good number of the events as well. There are some great tournament options, and the buy-in’s are going to cater to any and every type of player out there, so be sure to check out the full schedule because there’s likely to be some great events that you’ll want to take part in if you are a player at this site.




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