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  • PokerStars Releases Software and Server Updates

    Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 by t2admin

The most popular online poker room available on the web has released new software and server updates. PokerStars.com is one of the best in the business and many would say “The Best” and to keep their players happy the online poker room is constantly listening to players suggestions and using those suggestions to better the gaming experience. Several changes have been made to give players the best of what the online poker room has to offer.

Security options have been upgraded at the poker room to insure player security. A layer of security has been added to the player login by adding a security PIN number. The PIN is entered through a “virtual keypad” instead of a keyboard and the numbers are moved at random each time a player logs in to add an extra measure of security.

Another option for players is the RSA Security Token. The token can be purchased for 6,000 Frequent Player Points at the VIP store. The token is linked with the PokerStars login and will continually change a password that is synched to the secure server. If you have a token, no one can access your account even if they have your password.

Changes have been made to certain games as well that will benefit the players competing. With Sit & Go’s players will see a new rematch prompt after a game has been completed. This will allow players to begin a new tournament without having to visit the lobby. Ring games have a new highlighted feature that will show a player if they are sitting in a game or on the waiting list. Red stands for playing status and pink stands for waiting.

New Time Zones have been added for players in Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, Russia and New Zealand and all major European and Cyrillic languages have been added to the PokerStars site as well.




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