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  • PokerStars Road to 100 Billion – 65 Billionth Hand Celebrations

    Thursday, July 21st, 2011 by t2admin

PokerStars released a promotion called “Road to 100 Billion” awhile ago and every time they near a new milestone they release a new set of cash prizes for players to win. PokerStars recently announced that they’re nearing the 65th billionth hand, which means that until the 65 billionth hand is played there will be lots of prizes available. You can check how many hands have been played on a live ticker listed on the “Road to 100 Billion” promotion page.

In all, there are going to be a total of 300 prizes awarded during the promotion. However, some of those prizes have already started to be awarded to players on milestone hands. At the time of writing this article the PokerStars ticker says that there have been a total of roughly 64,743,223,000 hands played on PokerStars, which means there are still lots of cash prizes up for grabs during the 65 billionth hand celebrations.

The hand milestones include every millionth hand played and PokerStars announces when each milestone is about to be hit, so you can easily join more tables when it’s close to a hand milestone. The cash prizes that players win during the promotion are calculated using a specific formula that you can find listed on the PokerStars website. Make sure you read over the calculations on the PokerStars website if you’re curious how much money you can win. Basically, the calculations are based on how many VPP’s you’ve earned in the last 50 hands that you’ve played leading up to the milestone hand.

The winner of each milestone hand will receive double the cash prize that every other player on the table wins. On the millionth milestone hands players will earn $50 for each VPP they’ve earned + a flat $50 cash prize. On the 65 billionth hand players will receive a flat prize of $500 for playing in the hand plus they’ll earn $500 for each VPP they’ve earned in the past 50 hands that they’ve played. The winner of the 65 billionth hand will win a minimum of $65K, but if you’ve earned more VPP’s in the past 50 hands you’ll receive that amount rather than the $65K.

PokerStars stated that they expect to hand out about $1 million during this promotion and they also stated that the milestone will be hit before the month of July is over. There are only a couple weeks left in July, so make sure you sign-in to PokerStars and start grinding the cash game tables. You’ll increase your chances of winning by playing on a lot of tables, so try to keep that in mind while playing at PokerStars over the next couple weeks.




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