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  • PokerStars “Road to 100 Billion” Closing in on 60 Billion Hands

    Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 by t2admin

PokerStars has been running the “Road to 100 Billion” promotion on and off for a while now and it’s back again. By the end of the month PokerStars expects to close in on 60 Billion hands and they’re giving away prizes to every player that’s dealt cards in every millionth hand. PokerStars has a hand counter listed on the promotions page on their website and it’s currently closing in on the 60 billionth hand, but there is still time to earn one of the prizes.

• Every millionth hand dealt during the promotion will have cash prizes up for grabs. Each player dealt into one of the hands will receive a $50 cash prize plus an extra cash prize based on a simple calculation. PokerStars will give you $50 for every VPP you’ve earned in the past 50 hands, which could end up being quite a bit. The winner of every millionth hand will have their cash prize doubled.

• The big milestone is the 60 billionth hand and it should be hit sometime this week at PokerStars, so now is a great time to sit down and grind out some cash game action at the world’s biggest poker site. Every player dealt in the 60 billionth hand at PokerStars will receive a massive cash prize of $500 plus they’ll also receive $500 for every VPP that they’ve earned in the past 50 hands they’ve played. The winner of the hand will have their prize doubled plus they’ll also receive an extra $60K cash prize on top of everything.

PokerStars expects to hand out roughly $1M in cold hard cash during the promotion. There is no question that PokerStars is the most rewarding poker room to play in and this promotion definitely shows that they care about their players. All you need to do in order to take part in the promotion is play on the cash game tables at PokerStars. This promotion runs every once in a while and it won’t be long before we’re talking about PokerStars hitting 70 billion hands.

One way to help your chances at winning a prize is by playing on a lot of low limit cash game tables while the promotion is still running. The limits you play don’t matter at all in this promotion, as each player receives the same prize regardless of what stakes the players are playing at during one of the promotional hands.




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