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  • PokerStars Set to Run Sunday Million 7th Anniversary

    Friday, February 22nd, 2013 by Ryan

We’ve all heard a ton of news about PokerStars over the past few years, and while there aren’t many negative bits of news coming out about this poker site, one thing that you will never hear a negative review about has to be their incredibly popular Sunday Million tournament. This tournament has been going on for a full seven years at the largest online poker room in the game, and this coming week they’ve done a little something special for their players in honor of the seventh anniversary of their biggest and most popular online poker tournament. There is likely to be a ton of interest in this tournament with a massive prize pool, and below we have to take a look at the tournament as a whole and what they are going to be offering to players.

It’s been seven years and the event for the anniversary is going to be held on the first Sunday in March, which is the 3rd at 2:30pm EST. What makes this weekend’s Sunday Million so incredible? How about the fact that it’s going to feature an incredible prize pool of $7 million, and that the site is also guaranteeing a beautiful $1 million to whoever takes down the event. The buy-in for the event is going to be $215, and if you jump into the tournament and build up that chip stack, it’s safe to say that you are going to be hanging around playing for quite a while, but a final table appearance will definitely be more than worth the grind.

While the $215 pay day is quite a hefty price tag to play in any event, obviously not everyone can shell over that type of buy-in. This is why PokerStars is going to be offering a ton of different satellites in the week leading up to the event, to give many players a chance to win their way into the event. On the same Sunday of the event there is also going to be an $11 Deadline Satellite into the event, and this will award at least 1,000 seats into the tournament. Interestingly, the satellite is going to start five minutes before the Sunday Million actually kicks off, but any winners from the satellite are going to be able to jump into the tournament late and have plenty of time left and plenty of chips left to play with.

A few of the other options are going to feature the Feeder Satellites that will give you the chance to win your way into the Deadline Satellite. These satellites are going to cost $1 and are starting hourly from the 24th of February at midnight throughout the week. This is a great way for even the low stakes players to have a shot at playing in this massive tournament. One other great option for players is to be able to use their Frequent Player Points (FPP) through the different satellites that are offered out there. If you have 50 FPPs you can play in a standard satellite on March 2nd just after noon, or a turbo satellite at 2:00pm ET, which are both great options. These events will guarantee seats of 300 and 150 into the Round 2 satellite, which is going to be held at 2:30pm EST, and will award 200 entries into the big tournament. If you want to buy-in to Round 2 directly than it will cost 500 FPPs.

The Sunday Million’s 6th Anniversary last year drew in an incredible 33,732 players, and the total prize pool was a whopping $6,746,400. Which means that it made it far past the guarantee. In this event we saw first place pull in a pay day that was worth $1,064,737.08, and the winner was “slyfox151”. In total, we saw 4,392 players make it into the money. Slyfox151 actually won just over $480,000 after an eight way deal that awarded $120,000 to the winner. The biggest winner in terms of cash last year though was “toode” who won $590,482.92.

This tournament is going to be a fun one to watch, and if you play at PokerStars be sure to get into the action through satellites or simply buying straight in if you can!




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