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    Monday, April 26th, 2010 by t2admin

PokerStars recently announced they have signed four new pros to their Canada poker team. Pro Team Canada now has new players to join Daniel Negreanu and Darus Suharto who are already part of the team. The new players signed are: Greg DeBora, Patrick Pezzin, Anh Van Nguyen and Marcello Del Grosso.

The four pros will make a great addition to Team Canada and all have impressive poker records. Greg DeBora is from Toronto and he has been playing poker since he was nineteen years old. The pro is known for playing online and at the Commerce Casino in LA.

DeBora has been playing professionally for over eight years and he has won more than $350,000 in live tournaments. Patrick Pezzin is also from Toronto and he turned pro in 1995. The forty year old pro is a great mixed game player and he has earned almost $700,000 in live tournament play.

Marcello Del Grosso is from Ontario and he turned pro in 2006. Del Grosso has earned almost $400,000 in tournament winnings during his career. Anh Van Nguyen is from Vietnam originally and moved to Canada at the age of 10. The pro has been playing poker for fourteen years and has been pro for about eight. He began his career as a dealer and then moved on to pro poker. Van Nguyen has earned almost $700,000 as well playing poker.

Poker Stars has pros that represent almost every area in the world. The Canada Team has grown from two players to four in an instant and PokerStars will add more to the Canada Team as well as their other teams when they see players exhibiting the traits they like to see in their sponsored pros.




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