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  • PokerStars Sunday August 7th 2011 Tournament Report

    Monday, August 8th, 2011 by t2admin

Several live poker events were running this past week and attendance was slightly down in the Sunday Majors. Two small deals took place in the Sunday Million and Sunday Warm-Up between the top two players, which we’ll look at below. PokerStars is running an awesome VIP promotion throughout August and now is the perfect time to play in one of the majors. If you play in the Sunday Million you’ll earn enough VPP’s to become Silver Star in the PokerStars VIP program until the end of September.

PokerStars Sunday Million

• Entrants – 6565 / Prize Pool – $1,313,000

The PokerStars dropped slightly in attendance, but I’m sure the top finishers didn’t mind. The prize pool was still over $1.3M and the top three players ended up winning 6-figures. TY4Stacks2 and KevinV decided to agree on a deal when the action was heads-up and they both secured over $160K while leaving $20K in the pot for the winner. TY4Stacks2 ended up winning the Sunday Million this weekend and he won $185K while KevinV settled for 2nd place and $162K. Dave Jones finished in 3rd place and he managed to win just over $105K, which isn’t bad at all on a $215 investment.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

• Entrants – 3363 / Prize Pool – $672,600

This week the Sunday Warm-Up was a bit bigger than the previous week. The top two players also made a deal in this event, but the prizes didn’t exceed six-figures. Mr.Salgado30 ended up securing the victory in the Sunday Warm-Up and he won $98K, which fell just short of six-figures. El Canbass won $85K for finishing the tournament in 2nd place and Itsourekas won $55K for taking down 3rd place in the Sunday Warm-Up. More players have been jumping into the Sunday Warm-Up on Sundays recently and hopefully the prize pool can break $700K after the summer is over.

PokerStars Sunday 500

• Entrants – 732 / Prize Pool – $366,000

The PokerStars Sunday 500 is one of the toughest tournaments to win because of the competition. There aren’t many ways to win a seat through a satellite tournament during the week and the buy-in is $530. Robert Cezarescu won the tournament this week and won $66K for his efforts. Caipsa won $47K after being eliminated in 2nd place and Rob!n2805 won $35K this week for finishing the Sunday 500 in 3rd place. If you want to test your skills in MTT’s the Sunday 500 offers the toughest competition each week and is a great way to gauge your skill level once you put in some volume.




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