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  • PokerStars Sunday December 26th 2010 Tournament Report

    Wednesday, December 29th, 2010 by t2admin

Boxing Day was yesterday and while the majority of people were out shopping for deals, there were still thousands of players that made it out to PokerStars for the last Sunday Majors of 2010. The turnout was a lot better than I thought it would be and the PokerStars Sunday Million ended up having more players then it typically does in a normal week. I assume some players received some poker money for Christmas and decided to play in the Sunday Majors so they could have their chance at winning six figures.

PokerStars Sunday 500

• Entrants – 1050 / Prize Pool – $525,000

We almost had an overlay in the PokerStars Sunday 500, but it went over the 500-player plateau just before registration ended for the tournament. A few notable players ended up making the final table this week including Phil Collins, but they didn’t manage to crack the top three. Diicman won 1st place and took down the entire 1st place prize pool of roughly $90K since there wasn’t a deal made in the event. Ron Jovi 7 made his Christmas even better this year by taking down 2nd place this week in the Sunday 500 and winning $65K. Lastly, SassyChili won 3rd place this week and won the 3rd place prize of $49K.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

• Entrants – 4366 / Prize Pool – $873,200

Plenty of players competed in the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up this weekend even though it was Boxing Day and the prize pool almost reached $900K. The top two players cut a deal when the action went heads-up and each player ended up winning over $100K for their efforts on Sunday. After the deal was made there was still some money up for grabs and proFile ended up winning the heads-up battle for the remaining money in the prize pool. ProFile ended up winning $124K while MuppetKing won $114K for finishing in 2nd place. Sorel Mizzi who is a familiar name in poker ended up winning 3rd place this week and took home $72K.

PokerStars Sunday Million

• Entrants – 8947 / Prize Pool – $1,789,400

The PokerStars Sunday Million was huge this week and I’m sure there were plenty of satellite events running this past week. In all there were almost 9000 players and a massive prize pool that almost surpassed $1.8M. The top 3 players decided to make a deal this week and they all walked away from the table with over $100K. Paige Harris won the 3-way battle after the deal was made and ended up winning $249K. Jpous secured a 2nd place finish and won $165K while Dick_Fosbury earned 3rd place and the prize of $162K.




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