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  • PokerStars Sunday May 8th 2011 Tournament Report

    Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 by t2admin

PokerStars didn’t run most of the major tournaments on Sunday because SCOOP got underway. The SCOOP got underway this past weekend and the first two tournaments are now complete. Make sure you check out all of the tournaments this week, as there are plenty of huge prize pools in the SCOOP events. PokerStars decided that they didn’t want to run the most of the Sunday Majors because there would have been a big overlay in them. If you don’t want to play in SCOOP this year you should check out the major tournaments at Full Tilt this weekend.

PokerStars Sunday 500

• Entrants – 489 / Prize Pool – $250,000

The PokerStars Sunday 500 was one of the only regularly scheduled major tournaments this Sunday. There was a small overlay in the tournament this weekend, but only by 11 players, which didn’t make a big difference. Even with the small overlay there was a 3-way deal made on the final table. Jackovich won $38K for winning the Sunday 500 at PokerStars this weekend. AverageGreg won $33K for finishing in 2nd place and to round up the top three, GreaWW won $35K.

PokerStars Big $109

• Entrants – 1975 / Prize Pool – $197,500

The PokerStars Big $109 took place this Sunday instead of the other major events. The prize pool had a small guarantee of $50K, but there was no overlay as nearly 2K players joined the event. Nobody made a deal on the final table and Dwayne Stacey ended up winning 1st place along with $34K cash. BigFr0g took down 2nd place in the Sunday 500 and earned $25K while IV.Geoffrey won $19K for finishing the event in 3rd place. With a small buy-in, the PokerStars Big $109 was very successful and I’m sure it’ll be even bigger next weekend.

PokerStars Sunday 2nd Chance

• Entrants – 596 / Prize Pool – $125,000

The PokerStars Sunday 2nd Chance also had an overlay this weekend. I hope you guys entered the event as it isn’t very often that there are overlays in major tournaments at PokerStars. The top 6 players ended up cutting a deal and they all ended up making around $10-$15K each. Below is a breakdown of how the six players finished after making the deal between each other.

• Victor Chuch – $14K
• PanamaRespec – $13K
• Pret – $15K
• Gala_Terry – $12K
• Flufferd – $10K
• Lugubre – $9.5K




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