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  • PokerStars Sunday Million – March 29 2009

    Monday, March 30th, 2009 by t2admin

Online poker players were at it again this past Sunday, fighting for the top spot at PokerStar.com Sunday Million. 7,651 players entered the tournament which created a prize pool of $1,530,200. When final table play began, it was player AmirSF who held a strong chip lead with just over 16 million. Not far behind was ILIOS72 with just over 11 million chips.

The first player to be eliminated from the final table was MarleyGroup. AmirSF raised and MarleyGroup went all in with A-K. AmirSF called with pocket tens and got a trip on the turn and another four on the river to create a full house, taking the hand and knocking MarleyGroup out in ninth place.

Just a short while later AmirSF would eliminate matt1279 with 7-5 after matt1279 called with A-3. The board gave AmirSF two pair and the hand placing matt1279 in eighth place. Ikszoorn would knock out the next player with his pocket eights. Coconut Soda called with A-10 but lost the hand when ikszoorn held two pair on the board.

Next to go would be ikszoorn and detroitj6 before a four way chop would be agreed upon. The four players left were AmirSF, ILIOS72, HuBaer582 and RoxmorE. They all agreed on a deal that would give each player a specific payout according to chip counts and the winner would earn an extra $30,000.

Going out in fourth place would be ILIOS72 and following close behind would be HuBaer582. That left RoxmorE and AmirSF to duke it out in heads up play. RoxmorE held an almost 2:1 chip lead which would help him slide into victory. On the final hand RoxmorE held pocket sixes and went all in against AmirSF’s K-7. The board fell 9-4-10-3-8 which left AmirSF with nothing and RoxmorE with the win.

Final Results:

*1. Anders “RoxmorE” Losvik — $121,664.40
*2. AmirSF — $142,970.07
*3. HuBaer582 — $95,744.61
*4. ILIOS72 — $108,780.23
5. detroitj6 — $54,322.10
6. ikszoorn — $39,020.10
7. Nick “Coconut Soda” Fava — $26,778.50
8. matt1269 — $17,597.30
9. Joe “MarleyGroup” Urgo — $10,711.40

* — four-way chop; remaining $30,000 to eventual winner (RoxmorE)




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