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  • PokerStars Sunday Million Results – March 15 2009

    Monday, March 16th, 2009 by t2admin

This past Sunday online poker players came running out of the woodwork to play in PokerStars Sunday Million. Eight thousand and one players entered the tournament which created a prize pool of $1,600,200. Online player Iceman1278 outlasted the competition and took the first place finish.

Iceman1278 dominated the game and when final table play began, he would continue to dominate. The first player to be cut from the final table would be Kendog39. Kendog39 went all in with pocket fours only to be shut down by bayleesmom who had pocket Aces.

Pokerbrat13 was the next to go when he went all in with J-10 and was called by Iceman1278 who had pocket aces. JLande would soon follow after going all in with A-4 against Brendan42’s pocket Jacks. Players continued to drop like flies until only Brendan42, TheCronic and Iceman1278 were left.

Brendan42 had played well all night but when he went all in with pocket fours it was the end of the road. TheChronic420 called with pocket jacks and knocked Brendan42 out in third. Now heads up play would begin between TheChronic420 and Iceman1278.

Heads up play would last some time before the final hand would be played. Iceman1278 would pressure TheCronic420 to go all in as Iceman1278 held the majority of the chips. In the end iceman1278 would take the hand and the almost $200,000 win.

Pokerstars sunday Million Final Table Results:

1st – Iceman1278 ($196,024.50)

2nd – TheCronic420 ($132,176.52)

3rd – Brendan42 ($89,611.20)

4th – bayleesmom ($72,809.10)

5th – WhatArunAA ($56,807.10)

6th – vietcong01 ($40,805.10)

7th – JLande ($28,003.50)

8th – pokerbrat13 ($18,402.30)

9th – kendog39 ($11,201.40)




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