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    Monday, October 26th, 2009 by t2admin

PokerStars Sunday Million Tournament on October 25th saw a very good turnout of players, a good size increase from previous weeks. The tournament had 8,242 players competing for their piece of the $1.5 million guaranteed prize pool. But with so many competing the prize pool was increased to $1,648,400, much better than the original $1.5 million.

Just over 1,200 players earned a payout and first place earned a nice prize of $242,479.65. when final table play began, nine players were left and online player grifo173 was in the lead with just over 15 million in chips.

It took about thirty minutes before anyone would go all in. the first to be eliminated would be AKSchwan and then twenty minutes later JBlaze20 would be eliminated in eighth on a bad beat. Nickj7777, moseley8, subby1, tobias fuke and Pokerpiggen would be the next to go which would put the tournament in heads up play.

Heads up play would begin between deoxyribo and grifo173, who would remain in the chip lead. It would not take long for the tournament to be decided, though both players did try to come to a deal but nothing looked attractive. On the final hand deoxyribo went all in with K-Q and was called by grifo173 who had A-10. The flop provided two Aces and it was all over with a ten on the turn. Deoxyribo was knocked out in second place and grifo173 earned the win.

Final Results:

1st place: grifo173 ($242,479.65)

2nd place: deoxyribo ($177,203.01)

3rd place: Pokerpiggen ($123,630.01)

4th place: tobias fuke ($82,420.01)

5th place: subby1 ($65,936.01)

6th place: moseley8 ($49,452.01)

7th place: nickj7777 ($32,968.01)

8th place: JBlaze20 ($18,132.41)

9th place: AKSchwan ($12,775.11)




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