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    Thursday, July 3rd, 2008 by t2admin

Online Poker Player Takes PokerStars To Court For $1.2 Million

Back in September of 2007, a PokerStars account with the username “the V0id” entered and won the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Main Event for $1.228 million. The owner of that account, Natalie Teltscher, is now suing the online poker room, PokerStars, for never paying up the winnings.

According to the defendant, Rational Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. (owner of PokerStars), Ms. Teltscher is not entitled to the money, as she did not personally take part in the tournament. As it turns out, Ms. Teltscher gave permission to a third party to play the entire tournament on her behalf.

The V0id made it to the final table to play heads-up against one remaining player before the two finalists agreed to split the prize, rather than playing out the remainder of the tournament. As such, the V0id would normally have been awarded $1.228 million.

The management of PokerStars.net did not pay the money to Ms. Teltscher, claiming that by not participating in the tournament at all – not a single minute of the 22 hours played – both she and the third party player are disqualified and have no rights to the $1.228 million.

The case was adjourned by David Doyle, ruling that the contractual issue must first be resolved before addressing any other issues. Doyle stated, “This, on the face of it, is or should be a fairly simple case. Either the plaintiff is contractually entitled to the monies or she is not. Either the defendant was entitled to disqualify the plaintiff or it was not.”




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