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  • PokerStars to Sponsor Seventh Season of WPT

    Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 by t2admin

Online poker’s largest poker room has announced they will be sponsoring the seventh season of the World Poker Tour. PokerStars will now take over the sponsorship duties for the tour as it travels through the Americas and Europe.

The World Poker Tour stated in a press release that PokerStars will receive title sponsorship, brand integration in all of the WPT season seven original episodes that will air in Canada, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands and exclusive in-show educational or gaming site mentioning. The two will also work together to create a Portuguese and Spanish language commentary for the program when it airs in Latin America.

Steve Lipscomb the CEO, President and Founder of the World Poker Tour commented on the partnership stating: “TV sponsorship is an important part of our business, so having the biggest company in the poker industry jump onboard is an exciting way to start international distribution of Season VII. We look forward to working with PokerStars as we roll out the latest WPT programming to fans in these territories.”
This deal between the WPT and PokerStars is similar to the one created a while ago between WPT and Full Tilt Poker. Full Tilt is the on-felt sponsor in the United States as the logo of Full Tilt is prominently displayed on-screen as well as at the middle of the table during game play.

Along with the new deal, the World Poker Tour also recently announced their Q1 2009 results. The results showed lower losses than previously expected which was a loss of only $521,000 for the first quarter of the year which is significantly lower than the $2.3 million loss the company saw in the first quarter of 2008.




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