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  • PokerStars Tournament Weekend Roundup

    Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 by t2admin

PokerStars saw a decent turnout this past weekend for their guaranteed tournaments The Sunday Million and the Sunday Warm-Up. Thousands of players logged on to try their hand at finishing first and taking home a nice prize from the top online poker room.

The PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up saw a really good turnout with 4,417 players competing. The $200 plus 15 no limit hold’em tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $750,000 but this time so many players were competing that the prize pool was raised to $883,400. 630 spots would be paid with the top finisher taking home just over $138,000.

First place would earn the big prize but second would earn over $100,000 too so either place would reward the player well. When heads up play began it was online players Sn0wb4ll and KenT351 who would face off. KenT351 made all the right moves in the final hand and clinched the victory as he knocked Sn0wb4ll out of the competition.

Final Results:

KenT351 – $138,588

Sn0wb4ll – $102,916

Beto777 – $72,881

El ibero – $49,912

krash778 – $37,545

cabby123 – $28,710

CoachConrad – $19,877

Allingomes – $11,043

MVital23 – $7,067

Moving on to the Sunday Million, 7,515 players registered to compete in the $200 plus 15 event. this tournament guarantees $1.5 million as a prize pool so this time the prize pool was increased by only $3,000, not much but at least it’s something!

1,080 spots would pay out in this competition with first place earning a large prize of just over $225,000. The top three competitors of this tournament earned a six figure pay day so as long as you could finish in the top three you would earn a nice pay day.

Namaddman was able to outlast both jas42 and mikal12345 after three way play began to take the first place prize. namaddman played a great game and can be proud of taking down the win at the top online poker room.

Final Results:

namaddman – $225,450

mikal12345 – $165,886

jas42 – $120,240

RonaldKosh – $79,659

jgrhajsj – $61,623

Nativebounty – $46,593

doulas12 – $32,315

SooSavage – $18,036

TheRealMT – $11,648




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