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    Thursday, August 11th, 2011 by t2admin

PokerStars wants to award everyone that’s stuck with them by offering a VIP Mega Month promotion this August. There is still lots of time this month to participate in the promotion and I highly recommend taking part. During the month of August players will be able to achieve the monthly VIP levels 10x faster than normal. PokerStars runs the best VIP program in the online poker industry and now every player will have a chance to move past the BronzeStar Level.

PokerStars August VIP Levels

• SilverStar VIP Status – 75 VPP’s (Normally 750 VPP’s)

• GoldStar VIP Status – 300 VPP’s (Normally 3000 VPP’s)

• PlatinumStar VIP Status – 750 VPP’s (Normally 7500 VPP’s)

If you normally don’t earn 750 VPP’s monthly at PokerStars this is a great chance to earn SilverStar VIP Status. If you typically earn SilverStar Status at PokerStars each month you’ll be able to earn PlatinumStar this month. Not only will you get to benefit from the perks of each VIP level throughout the month of August, but you get to keep the VIP level until the end of September.

The PokerStars VIP program is very rewarding and players will be able to make use of their increased VIP level. Players will be able to earn more FPP’s while playing at PokerStars the higher they go up the VIP ranks plus there are lots of other perks such as bonuses, tournament tickets and hundreds of other items that can be purchased with the FPP’s that you earn. You can also use the FPP’s you earn to play in tons of satellite tournaments where you’ll have the chance to win a seat in tons of events.

During the month of August PokerStars has also put quite a few items from the VIP Store on sale. You can check out a list of all the items on the “August VIP Club Sale” page, which is linked from the VIP Mega Month promotion page. Some of the items on sale include poker books, PokerStars gear and various other gadgets such as laptop coolers and travel adaptors.

To reach the SilverStar Status you only need to rake $14 this month, which should take most players less than a day. Even if you only play $10 + $1 sit and go tournaments, you’d only need to play 14 tourneys to reach SilverStar Status this month. This is one of the best promotions run by PokerStars, as everyone has a chance to participate and earn lots of FPP’s and prizes.




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