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  • PokerStars Online Poker Tournament Weekend Review

    Thursday, July 31st, 2008 by t2admin

PokerStars hosted its weekly online poker extravaganza last Sunday, consisting of the Poker Stars Sunday Warm-Up, leading into the Sunday Million, and ending with the Sunday Second Chance tournament; a total guarantee of $1.7 million most weekends.
PokerStars current 2X promotion hit the Sunday Warm-Up this week, doubling the guaranteed prize pool from $500,000 to $1,000,000, and as is the nature of the world’s largest online poker room, PokerStars saw an excess of entries to each tournament, that raised the overall prize pools to a total of more than 3 million.
The PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up kicked off at 12:45 ET, drawing a very high number of players as the online poker room announced the 2X Promo would double the prize pool to $1 million. 4,050 players showed up to battle it as the top 630 spots would claim a piece of the prize pool, further extended to $1,123,400 by an overflow of entries.
It took well over 10 hours to complete the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up, when finally “richlizard” was able to overtake “ShowM4n” at the final table for the first place prize of $144,918.
PokerStars “2X $1mil GP” Sunday Warm-Up Final Table Results
1st – richlizard ($144,919)

2nd – ShowM4n ($101,106)

3rd – LION8HART ($67,404)

4th – Bumbulbee_G ($56,170)

5th – nederen_dk ($44,936)

6th – Bozz814 ($33,702)

7th – LukeLasko ($22,468)

8th – hoyd78 ($14,043)

9th – mnkyman ($9,100)
Next came PokerStars most famous weekly online poker tournament, the Sunday Million, with a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000. More than twice as many players turned out for this one – 8,370 to be exact – trumping the GP to $1,674,000; enough to pay the top 1,260 finishers. It was going to be a long night at PokerStars, taking nearly 11 hours to reveal a victor. In the end, “avkid86” ousted “strahhh25” in heads-up to pocket $202,721 for the 1st place spot.
PokerStars Sunday Million final Table Results
1st – avkid86 ($202,721)

2nd – strahh25 ($136,431)

3rd – pokerbrat13 ($92,907)

4th – Gambooooool ($75,330)

5th – tonijeromi ($58,590)

6th – dapoopta ($41,850)

7th – Jimboski30 ($29,295)

8th – gio_piso ($19,251)

9th – DonC33 ($11,718)
Rounding out the evening at PokerStars.net was the Sunday Second Chance tournament, worth a GP of $200k. A field of 1,640 once again boosted the prize pool to $328,000, paying the top 252 players. After nearly 8 hours of competition, heads-up action between “junior4718” and “AlBrvs4Life” ceased. When the smoke cleared, it was “junior4718” taking the 1st place prize of $55,760.
PokerStars Sunday Second Chance Final Table Results
1st – junior4718 ($55,760)

2nd – AlBrvs4Life ($41,984)

3rd – MrteddyKGB ($31,324)

4th – DenverSports ($22,960)

5th – carmenomar ($16,400)

6th – toddinhu ($13,120)

7th – jvtilt ($9,840)

8th – joejackson06 ($6,560)

9th – paze1 ($4,592)




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