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  • PokerStars Weekend Tournament Results – Jan 17, 2010

    Tuesday, January 19th, 2010 by t2admin

This past weekend was a busy one at PokerStars as thousands of players registered to compete in the Sunday Warm-Up and the Sunday Million. Quite a large number of players competed in each event and it created a large increase in both prize pools.

The Sunday Warm-up is a $750,000 guaranteed tournament and it has a buy-in of $200 plus 15. With 4,967 players competing the tournament had a prize pool increase of $243,400 which paid out to 720 spots. The prize pool was at $993,400 which is pretty close to $1 million dollars!

Both first and second place finishers would earn a six figure pay day so both would earn a nice prize. When it came down to heads up play it was insanocut and Patokaka2007 who were left to compete. Both players wanted the first place finish but of course there can only be one winner. In the end it was insanocut who was in the chip lead when the final hand went down. Patokaka2007 would go all in as well but it was not in the cards and he would be out in second place.

Final Results:

insanocut – $155,399

Patokaka2007 – $115,731

AmarulaBr – $81,955

jordyporr – $56,127

polpolpol – $42,219

Hood_Ace – $32,285

ramondemon77 – $22,351

Civell – $12,417

Lahni86 – $7,947

The Sunday Million was a success as well with 8,885 players competing. This tournament has a buy-in of $200 plus 15 and has a $1.5 million guarantee. The guarantee was surpassed as so many players competed that the prize pool ended up being $1,777,000 which paid out to 1,350.

In this tournament, when it got down to four way play, the players decided to cut a deal. This would give each player a six figure pay day with a little left for first place. In the end, the third place finisher would take home the highest prize of $182,291 while first place would be the second highest at $179,446.

Final Results:

AceQuad – $179,446

yurabond – $173,166

IveGotToeJam – $182,291

DRKP – $126,583

bullyon – $71,080

s8kipper – $53,310

jayjayme – $35,540

iChipd – $19,547

Nezzareth – $12,439




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