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    Thursday, January 20th, 2011 by t2admin

For some reason, people seem to think of poker as a man’s game. While it is true that a majority of the world’s players are men, there is no reason why women cannot play. In fact, many women are far better players than their male counterparts. PokerStar, the world’s largest online poker casino, knows just how good women are, and want to encourage them to play. One of the ways that they are doing this is with a promotion called PokerStars women.

The Poker Star women is more to show that women can be every bit as good a player as the men. They have created a sub-website that is devoted to their female customers. One of the better features that the website has is a poker school. This is an excellent program that all women should take advantage of. The school is a great opportunity to quickly learn everything a player needs to know about improving their game. The school is an online training program. Most of the women who sign up are beginner, but other students are women who want to brush up on their skills. The school has quizzes to test the woman’s knowledge of the game, courses about strategy, and several tips.

Another feature of the PokerStars women is the blogs. These are blogs that are written by women and for women. The blogs are an excellent source of information. Reading the blogs will help women stay up to day on successful types of strategy; they will get game advice, and also learn about changes in the technology that they have grown accustomed to using.

There is nothing more encouraging to women than knowing other women have managed to become successful poker players. PokerStars understands that. The website has created a Team PokerStars Pro page which they use to post the profiles of successful females. The profiles include a bio, and a list of their career high points. The page is also a great place to find links that will lead people to clips of videos of the stars most successful moments.

One of the reasons that some women are hesitant about playing poker is because they do not like playing while they are surrounded by male players. They are worried that the men are judging them, which makes the women nervous and more prone to making mistakes. PokerStars Women has a list of the events that are exclusive to women.

One of the things that the website has formed is the PokerStars Women’s Poker League. This is a great source of regular tournaments. These tournaments happened every single day. Players who are interested in participating can buy into the tournament for a very reasonable $5.50. Participating players will be working to earn as many league points as they possibly can. The leading point’s earners will receive some significant cash prizes at the end of the month and more when the year draws to a close. In addition to the league tournaments, women will also find several online tournaments which include the Sunday Warm-up.




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