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    Thursday, March 29th, 2012 by Ryan

PokerTracker is well-known as one of the best online poker analysis software programs ever created, and now they are back in the news once again for releasing the beta version of their newest and most updated version of the software, PokerTracker 4. This new version of the software will be available through the beta testing program, but it is available for anyone to use who wants to try it out before the real, final versions is released and sold world wide. The general idea behind PokerTracker is that it not only makes players lives easier by tracking their hand histories, but also gives players the opportunity to be able to review their play, analyze what happened throughout different hands that they were involved in, and look back at any hand that was saved.

You’ll find that almost all of the players who play poker for a living, or look to do so to consistently bring in a profit will use a tracker that is either PokerTracker itself, or software that is similar to it. Players get customizable reports as well as different statistics that they really won’t be able to find anywhere else. On top of that, players are able to track their wins or losses through different graphs on the site, and can also watch to see how well they’ve done in comparing the amount of bad beats that they’ve had (when they got it in ahead but lost the hand).

Probably the part that some players love the most, but other players hate the most about PokerTracker is the fact that it offers a Heads-Up Display (HUD) on their site. The HUD gives players the opportunity to see statistics that they set up for anyone at the table that they are currently playing at, giving you additional information that no one else at the table would know. For example, you can rank the amount of times that a player raises pre-flop, and from this can base your decisions off of how the player plays and make decisions throughout the hand with the customizable information on the HUD. The reason why some players hate it is, is because they feel that it is unfair to give players this advantage because it isn’t something available at the live tables, and also that it gives professional players an advantage over recreational players. What it really comes down to though is that this is available to everyone out there, and is something that a large number of poker players use.

So the question now comes down to what exactly PokerTracker 4 offers that PokerTracker 3 does not. Well a few things that you can expect to see from PokerTracker 4 include the support of the new PokerStars Zoom, a NoteTracker which is a automated note system for the HUD, Preset HUD profiles, a Vector HUD Engine which will keep the screen clean while you are using the HUD, PokerTracker Themes, Social Network functions and a way to be able to export videos to YouTube, Video guides for new users, Global Player Scatter Graph, and much, much more.

So if you are a player who uses the tracker now and wants to try out Poker Tracker 4, be sure to check out their beta version!




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