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  • PokerTracker 4 will be Available in 2011

    Thursday, June 23rd, 2011 by t2admin

If you’ve never heard of PokerTracker before, chances are you’re only a casual online poker player. PokerTracker is the best tool for online poker players to use and if you don’t use this piece of software you’re playing at a huge disadvantage. Thousands of online poker players use PokerTracker3, but within a few months, players will be able to use the brand new

PokerTracker4. The new update to the software was announced this Monday, which was in time for PokerTracker’s 10th anniversary.

PokerTracker took their time building this update, but it looks like it will be totally worth it. The development crew took a lot of input from the members on the PokerTracker Forum and many of the new features were due to recommendations from the online poker community. There is no doubt that PokerTracker4 is going to be the best piece of software for online poker players to use, so make sure you purchase the tool now. PokerTracker said that anyone who purchases PokerTracker3 from now until the release date of PokerTracker4 will receive a free upgrade.
PokerTracker4 New Features

There are a lot of new features that have been added to PokerTracker4 and I can’t list them all, but I’m going to list some of the biggest upgrades that were made.

* There is a brand new vector HUD that has been developed for PokerTracker4 and it looks incredible. The design has been perfected by the development team and it’s no longer going to make your playing experience less exciting. You can also retrieve an insane amount of data from the HUD and it doesn’t take up much space.

* Brand new LeakTracker feature that’ll allow players to find out where their leaks are and how to fix them. Not only do you receive real-time statistics on every player you play against, but you can also learn a lot about your own poker game by utilizing the features of PokerTracker4.

* You can use a really simple drag and drop system to create your player profiles in the HUD with all of the stats and information that you want to be presented. PokerTracker4 also has a new import tool that’ll allow players to import player profiles that have been set-up by PokerTracker. This will help new players utilize the PokerTracker4 tool to the best of its ability while they’re learning the ins and outs of the software.

If you purchase PokerTracker3 right now you’ll be able to get a free upgrade to PokerTracker4 when it comes out. Beta testing is going to start really soon on PokerTracker4 and once beta testing is complete, the tool will be for sale to the general public.




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