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  • Pop Star From UK Robbie Williams Takes Heat for Poker Room

    Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 by Ryan

Recently, UK pop star Robbie Williams decided to create a beta version of an online poker room that is purely a play for fun option, that includes only play money options on it. The idea behind the room was to give fans of his music the chance to play some poker, learn the game, and see how their skills stack up against other fans. He also offered different prizes relating to himself throughout the play, and no real money was ever used on the site either. It seems that even though he has made sure there are no deposits or funds used, that the pop star is still taking quite a bit of flak for the creation of RobbieWilliamsPoker.com.

One person who has stood out above the rest as someone who is completely against this is a current Member of the Parliament for Wells and Liberal Democratic political party in the United Kingdom, Tessa Munt. Munt stated that she was “outraged by this” and basically said that any profits that Williams brings in from this site should “go to addiction charities.” The main reason for this is because of the fact that it targets fans of his, and that it is considered an addiction by some people. Williams struggles with addiction are a part of her disapproval as well, since he struggled with drugs and alcohol when he was in the pop group Take That back in his twenties. His issues continued as time went on, and he even nearly overdosed in 1995 before the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Obviously people are nearly split down the middle with their feelings on this situation, as some people feel that Williams’ site should be a great offer for people who are just looking to play the game of poker with some play money, but others feel that it will cause an issue for the younger generation of his fans. Williams has given the fans some great opportunities to take in strong prizes, and this includes the chance to be able to meet him, and they are definitely not things to turn your nose up at for playing some free poker! The idea behind this site is mainly that it is to have fun with some friends and play with other players who enjoy Robbie Williams.

How the site works, is that players are given a specific number of play money chips daily, and players can use them in the games. Players win and get experience points and they can then move up levels to get more content. As far as these winnings go, they can allow you to upgrade your XP, and also to upgrade your avatars as well. Players can still spend money on the site if they choose to though, and this is where a few people have had an issue with things. The way that players can purchase is what is called “gold”, as players can use real money to purchase gold and can then play in special tournaments and get into areas where they can get special avatars and other items from the site. The most popular type of game on the site is the freerolls, which reward nice prizes, but the gold option is definitely one that players have taken advantage of.




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