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  • PPA Discusses Full Tilt Poker Players’ Requirements with DoJ

    Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 by Nadia

Recently, the Department of Justice’s representatives met with the Poker Players Alliance (PPA). They were repeatedly reminded of how essential it was that the American players get to reclaim their money from the Full Tilt Poker website.

Soon after the meeting, it was announced that Full Tilt had entered an agreement with the Bernard Tapie Group, based in France. The sale, however, depends on the group’s capacity to resolve its issues with the Department of Justice and its ability to retrieve some of the money confiscated by the Government. The money was taken in order to repay the website’s players.

PPA’s Suggestions

The Executive Director of the PPA, John Pappas, stated that discussions with the Department of Justice were still ongoing and more are yet to come. He said that the PPA intends to ensure that the players are compensated by the new management of Full Tilt Poker. According to Pappas, the PPA is in contact with the Department of Justice representatives who are dealing with the Full Tilt case in Manhattan. They have been positive regarding the PPA’s conviction that the poker players are victims of Full Tilt Poker’s money mismanagement and that they deserve compensation.

The court case and the return of the funds will be a lengthy and difficult process. As most of the money is likely be returned to the players, it is likely that the Department of Justice may return some of the money it seized, to Full Tilt. However, this will only occur if the company agrees to refund its players.

The PPA believes that the best way to deal with the situation is by using the money generated by the sale of the company to pay back their site’s former customers. Pappas says that though the Department of Justice would like to reserve as much money as possible for themselves, they should see that a new company taking over and paying off Full Tilt’s debts will be beneficial to everyone concerned.

What the Case Has Brought About

The PPA has had meetings at most of the offices of the members of the super committee dealing with debts. This has been with the aim of legalizing online poker gaming. They have pitched it to the committee as a valid way of reducing the budget deficit.

Pappas says that there are people, both on and off the committee, who see the potential in this idea. The PPA has worked hard at making this a suggestion of value. From all accounts, the committee is interested in seeing the projections of the revenue involved.

Chad Elie and John Campos were indicted during the Black Friday incident. Their motions to dismiss the case contain some of the arguments that the PPA has since long been trying to bring to court. One of these points is that there is no real law against online poker. It is not illegal to play poker, in many states. This can make the Illegal Gambling Business Act and Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act redundant with regard to online poker. These points could change the online poker scene in the U.S.




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