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  • Professional Poker Player Jason Somerville Makes Shocking Announcement

    Thursday, February 16th, 2012 by Ryan

There is always some poker news that comes out, that actually doesn’t really have anything to do with the game of poker itself, but instead is just interesting news relating to players who play the game. This is one of those news stories, and it’s one that’s incredibly interesting as well for quite a few reasons. Jason Somerville is one of the more well-known up and coming professional poker players in the game today, and it was on Valentines Day (two days back) that he decided to write a blog post that would shock quite a few people in the poker world. Somerville’s post stated that he was the first openly gay male professional poker player, as he decided to tell the world about this.

Now, the thing that is so interesting is the fact that Somerville pointed out that there are no openly gay male professional poker players, as the only player who has ever stated that they were gay was Vanessa Selbst. In Somerville’s blog post he wrote that while the poker world features all types of “diversity and variety”, that there is actually a “noticeable lack of openly gay poker professionals”. This led to me actually taking a hard look at it, and realizing that he is indeed 100% correct, that no other male poker player has come out. Selbst on the other hand is one of the most well-known players in the world, and is definitely one of the best female players in the game as well. The best part about this is the fact that even though she is openly gay, her popularity and her incredible amount of sponsorship’s have never once suffered.

Actually when you look at Selbst’s career, she is actually one of the more liked poker players in the world, and is definitely one of the most respected players as well. Like when Selbst came out, Somerville received an incredible amount of positive reactions from the poker community, as many players were proud of Somerville for coming out as the first openly gay poker player in the game. Somerville’s post summed it up very well when he stated that it doesn’t matter what you are at the poker table (“white, black, Christian, Jewish, a woman, physically disabled, a foreigner, a felon, or smell terrible”), that “we’ll make room for you at the not-necessarily-proverbial table and let you play.” The fact is, the game of poker isn’t one that discriminates in any way, and essentially Somerville is stating that he doesn’t feel that he should have to worry about it happening in this situation either, which he absolutely shouldn’t.

Somerville boasts an impressive resume for a player who is only 24 years old, as he has already taken down over $1.7 million on the live poker tournament circuit in his career. He has also won a gold bracelet at last year’s World Series of Poker in a $1k No Limit Hold’em event, and mixes that with a total of five top 5 finishes at the WSOP in his career as well. Somerville does more than just play, as he also works at the site PokerVT, as a teacher to help players learn the game of poker and better their game overall.




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