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  • Randy “nanonoko” Lew Plans to Break World Record at PCA

    Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 by Ryan

Randy “nanonoko” Lew is one of the most liked poker players in the game, and it seems that he’s going to make an attempt to etch his name in history, as a Guinness World Record holder. He’ll aim to get it done at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure this January, and it should definitely be something to keep an eye out for. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that Lew actually has no idea which specific record that he’s going to attempt to set. He has decided to use the poker community to help make this decision, but there are a few catches to the whole deal.

This all began when a VIP Manager from the massive online poker site PokerStars.com logged into the popular poker forum Two Plus Two under the name “PokerStarsCaleb”, and asked all of the members to come up with a world record for Lew to be able to break in January. The world record can be a wide range of things, but it does have to fall under two different criteria’s, including that it must be authentic for the game of poker, and also point towards online poker. On top of that, they want it to be something that all people will fully be able to understand, including the people who don’t even play poker.

There have been a few good suggestions, but the idea has to be very easy for everyone to understand, so things like the world record that Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier broke, while playing the most online poker tables in one hour (62 sit-n-go’s), will be too in-depth. The reason for this is because not everyone knows what a sit-n-go is, so it will have to be something very basic, but still fun for all players and fans to be a part of.

While they are taking a ton of different ideas for the world record, PokerStars is looking over all of the suggestions on Two Plus Two, and the person who ends up giving the best suggestion will get a nice reward for doing so. Whoever gets their suggestion chosen, will get a $215 entry into the Sunday Million on PokerStars this weekend. The final decision will be made by both PokerStars and Lew himself, so be sure to get your thoughts into the forum before the winner is selected.

Now, the world record will be set at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, as mentioned above, which is a part of the European Poker Tour and definitely draws quite a large number of players. It will take place in the Bahamas at the Atlantis Resort and Casino, and will kick off on January 5th. As for Randy Lew, he is one of the most successful online poker players out there, and has hit the impressive Supernova Elite status four years running up until 2010. Unfortunately, he was unable to hit Supernova Elite in 2011 due to Black Friday, but he’s back to playing at the high stakes thanks to now moving to Vancouver to continue playing.




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