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  • Real Money US Poker Room- WSOP.com Rumored to Be Opening in July

    Friday, May 31st, 2013 by Ryan

The online poker world has been buzzing with the talks of online poker making its way back to the United States. The main issue is that currently it is only allowed in specific sites right now, and only a few sites are able to give players the option to play. While there were talks about Caesars Entertainment launching an online poker site that will offer real money before the World Series of Poker, they unfortunately were untrue. The game plan was for it to be WSOP branded, and for it to be offered to Nevada-based poker players. It seemed like a great idea, and definitely is, with a ton of players heading to Nevada to take part in the WSOP action, but unfortunately it didn’t work out, so there’s definitely some frowning faces after that news.

Now comes the good news though, as it looks like the talked about online poker site is likely to be launched this summer. While we are all excited, and want to see what the outcome of this is, for now it’s still just a rumor, which means that we have to play the waiting game a bit. A Two Plus Two poster by the name of “parisron” stated that the dealers for the World Series of Poker were told that the new online poker site that is offered for Nevada based players, is going to be open for business at some time during July. The exact date during July is unknown though, and the information was sent from a friend to a friend, so we’ll still wait for the official announcement.

Don’t think that it’s all just one big rumor though, as there were a few other things that stood out which make us think that there’s a chance that this could be true. We saw some photos that got posted in the forum this week, and they were based at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, which is of course where the World Series of Poker is held each year. The pictures showed different promotions and such about the WSOP.com, but also showed a quote that said “GAME BACK ON(LINE). REAL MONEY ONLINE POKER COMING THIS SUMMER. SIGN UP TODAY IN THE LAMBADA ROOM.”

Interest is definitely picking up, but there is also a sign for a promotion that is a $100,000 freeroll on the online site, and it is the first event of the “WSOP.com Online Championships.” Another thing that was seen shows the information for the Online Championships Schedule at WSOP.com, and it is set to begin on October 25th, and will feature a two-day event that will run on November 4th and November 5th, which are interestingly the same two days of the November Nine for this year’s World Series of Poker Main EVent. The event is called the $100k Champions Freeroll. In total, the series will have ten different events, with the first and last both being freerolls. The site is going to put in a total of $500,000 in money into the tournaments.

Currently, the WSOP.com is up and running already, but they only have play money right now for players based out of the United States. They use software that was created by the company 888 Holdings, and it’s likely that when they end up moving over to real money that they would go with the same software, since the two sides have had a partnership together for quite a while now. If/when this site does get launched, it’s likely that it’s going to be the most followed and anticipated online poker site in the United States, and probably will be for a very long time. All poker players and fans know the World Series of Poker, and their brand is definitely going to be constantly recognized.

Currently, we are waiting to see exactly how the first new online poker site in the United States does, which is Ultimate Poker. This site offers real money poker to players in Nevada, and it has been live for just around a month. They had a few different things that needed to be worked out, but the traffic has consistently grown. It peaked two weeks back though when they had a promotion for the millionth hand, and has stayed consistent since that point.




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