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  • RealGaming.com Launched By South Point Casino in Nevada

    Thursday, February 20th, 2014 by Ryan

There had been talks for over a year and a half about the potential of the South Point casino opening an online poker site. The reason why the hype and excitement was so high was due to the fact that South Point was actually the first online poker license that was granted in the United States back a year and a half ago. They were in the process of creating their own software and were going to be the first to get things going, but things simply didn’t work out as they were supposed to.

In the good news category though, South Point Poker has finally gone live in Nevada, and this officially makes them the third online poker room the launch in the state. Now, just because the site has gone live and things are running, doesn’t mean that the site just jumped out of the gate and went into their full site. They have done a soft launch, which means that the public test run is underway, and they are expecting things to go without much of a hiccup, and if/when it does, then the site will go fully live. There will be a full monitor of the soft launch by the Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman, A.G. Burnett.

The most interesting part of what South Point Poker is doing, is that they have software that is fully custom-developed. Most online poker sites that are being offered in Nevada, except for Ultimate Poker, are using pre-existing online poker software from different companies who worked with them. South Point also does a few other things differently than most online poker sites do, as they are going to offer a web-based platform for players, meaning that you are not going to be downloading the software package to play poker at this site. The fact that the site has decided to do this means that you can play on a wide range of different devices. This is going to include things like PCs, phones, and tablets as well, so you’ll have the option to play on the go, or play from anywhere in your home as well.

When looking at what was released during the soft launch, we saw that just Hold’em is offered at this point, and the stakes are going anywhere from $0.01/$0.02 up to $5.$10. There will also be the option for players to play six-max and heads-up Sit-and-Go’s during the soft launch. The larger tournaments are likely to be offered once the site fully gets off the ground. South Point Poker will only be offering their games to players who are within the state of Nevada borders. They verify their location in an interesting way though, and how they must do it is by downloading an application to their Android or iPhone and then login to the poker room at RealGaming.com. Once the game is chosen that they want to play, then they’ll choose the “SMS” button on the screen and get sent a text.

The text will give you a link that loads the downloaded location application, and from there you can get token that you’ll use to enter on the screen of the play. After the players have done all of the steps to verify their location, then they can get into the action and play whichever games that they’d like. A key reason why the site got pushed back and didn’t get off of the ground right away was partially due to a few delays that were hit during the testing process.

Each site must go through the testing process before they can launch their online poker room. It took a while for things to get through, but we’re hoping that this means that South Point is going to have all of the kinks already worked out. The site is now officially off the ground, and how the compare against the other online poker sites that are offered in Nevada is yet to be seen. Once the numbers come out and we get a feel for how the online poker sites are doing with the new South Point Poker being added, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.




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