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  • Record Setting Field at WPT Bay 101 Event

    Thursday, March 7th, 2013 by Ryan

Constantly it seems that we are talking about big time poker tournaments all over the world. Probably the most talked about and most followed live poker tournament series out there though has to be the World Series of Poker. While many people talk about winning the gold bracelets and how big time these tournaments are, it’s just about time that we take a look at some of the other big time tournaments out there, as there are many that are starting to build their own reputations. One of these tournament series’ that we absolutely need to talk about is the up and coming World Poker Tour. Actually, calling the World Poker Tour “up and coming” is probably an insult, as this series gains some serious attention from some of the biggest and best players in the world today, and this is shown by the impressive field that showed up for their most recent event.

This tournament that drew so much attention is the World Poker Tour’s Bay 101 Shooting Star tournament. This is one of the oldest and most well-known tournaments attached to the series, and it has actually been running since back in 2002. As it continues to grow, we actually saw it set a record in 2013 for the total number of players who bought into the event. In total, there were 635 players who paid to get into the event in San Jose, California at the Bay 101 casino. A big part of the reason why the tournament drew in the additional players is likely due to the fact that the tour decided that they were going to down the buy-in from $10,000 to $7,500, which is still a good chunk of change to play in an event.

Now, the idea behind this popular tournament is that players are going to see a bounty attached to many of the top poker players in the world today. This means that you are going to be able to take down a nice $2,500 for any player that you knock out who has a bounty attached to them. When the action finally started and got underway, we saw an incredible amount of players sent home on Day 1, and while 635 bought into the event originally, the field was narrowed down to only 249 to start up Day 2. Incredibly, the game plan for this series was for the field to then be narrowed to only 18 players by the end of tonight, which means that they could be playing for quite a while.

The event drew in a good number of big named players, and we actually saw some big ones end up at the top of the leaderboard after Day 1. This included Andrew Lichtenberger starting Day 2 as the overall chip leader, and the Day 1b winner ending up being Rhea Motley, who will start Day 2 in third place in chips overall. This event also pays out a very nice $10,000 to whichever players end up holding the chip lead at the end of the two opening days of action, which means that both Lichtenberger and Motley pocketed a $2,500 profit right off the bat.

Currently, we are still awaiting the final payout totals for the event, but all signs are pointing at the fact that the first place payout is likely to be over $1 million. In total, there will be a total of $4.5 million put into the prize pool after all of the buy-ins. The final push to the championship is going to feature some great poker, so we’ll have to keep you updated as the final 18 and the final table end up being set for the Bay 101 event. With some big names still left in the action as well, it’ll mean that we could have some great stories and some great players to watch heading into the last day of action to find out who the winner of the $1 million pay day is going to be. There’s a whole lot of poker coming up in the near future, and this is definitely a good sign for 2013 as this is only the start of March!




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