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    Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 by Ryan

It was recently reported that the massive online poker site PokerStars was releasing their “Zoom Poker” which is essentially their own form of what the old online poker site Full Tilt Poker used to have (called Rush Poker). If you couldn’t guess, the idea behind this new game is that the action is fast paced and incredibly exciting, as when players fold their hand they are moved to another table and dealt into a new hand as well. It gets rave reviews from players who are looking to play the game they love and see many more hands over a shorter period of time. While this new style features all different types of games at different limits as well, it seems that it’s more than just PokerStars who has jumped in on this action, as the online gaming company Relax Gaming has also decided to release a similar style of poker as well.

The game is called Fast Poker, and you can find it before the end of March on the biggest sites under this company. The sites that were included on the original list include Unibet, iGame, and Betsson. The game is described more in-depth on the Relax Gaming site, but you’ll find that it has quite a few similarities to the style of poker that PokerStars recently created, and the one that Full Tilt Poker started from the get go over a year and a half ago. Players will signup for a general pool of players instead of a specific table or seat, and are then placed at a random table from that point. After the hand comes to a close (regardless of if you fold or play the hand throughout), you will go to a new table with different players completely in almost all situations.

The idea behind this style of play is that players can see multiple hands within just a few seconds of eachother if they decide that they want to fold over and over again until they get a spot that they like. There are many perks of this game, but one that players are definitely fans of is the fact that they can quick fold, allowing them to move to another table before it is even their hand. Other players will not see the fact that you’ve folded early, so it won’t affect the action at all either. Obviously many players love to play poker, but love it even more when they get to play it quickly, and this is what Fast Poker will offer.

As Patrik Osteraker (CEO of Relax Gaming) put it, it is “fun, fast and easy, and a great way of playing poker.” As far as the sites that it will be rolled out on that we listed above, you’ll find that Unibet and Betsson are both on the Ongame Network, which is one of the more well-known online poker networks in the game today. Keep an eye out for more news on Fast Poker as it is released, but if you are a player on one of these sites then get excited for the new style of poker that is coming your way!




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