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  • Rettenmaier Leads the Finalists on Day 3

    Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 by Nadia

Forty players took to the felt on day 3 of the World Poker Tour (WPT) Venice tournament. Though at the start of the day, Wanny Piazza led the pack, the day of play concluded with Marvin Rettenmaier ranked as number one amongst the 15 finalists. Rettenmaier’s stack was worth 817,000.

Marvin Dominates the Tables

After beginning the game in second place, Marvin quickly leapt up to the number one spot. While playing level 14, Rettenmaier played for a pot versus Antonio Massi, who was the small blind. Rettenmaier raised the stakes to 6,200. Marvin was the big blind and proceeded to call. The flop read out Kc-9d-4h. Once both players checked, the turn card was dealt and revealed as 8h.

Massi went on to bet 7,500 and Marvin called. The river card was dealt – Kh. Massi wagered 16,200 and Rettenmaier raised the stakes further to 51,200. Massi went all-in and Marvin called. At this point, Rettenmaier revealed his hand – Ah-Jh. This easily trumped Massi’s hand of Ks-3s, eliminating him from the tournament. Marvin’s stack was valued at approximately 500K and based on the chips, he was in the lead.

Ricciardelli Eliminated on the Bubble

Throughout the day, players were steadily eliminated. Nicola Ricciardelli was put in the unenviable position of being eliminated in 28th place, making him the bubble boy of the tournament.

While playing at level 16, the blinds were set for 2000, 4000 and 500. Nicola went all-in for 11,500. He then faced off against Taylor von Kriegenbergh, one time WPT champion, who re-raised the stakes to 20,000. All the other players folded. Taylor’s hand was revealed to be Qj-5c. Nicola’s was revealed to be Kd-7c. Due to the cards that were dealt on the board – 7h-6c-4c-Js-7s – Ricciardelli was able to double his stack.

Unfortunately for Nicola, the next hand was unlucky for him. He went up against Alexander Dovzhenko. Nicola went all-in prior to the flop for 39,000. Ricciardelli’s hand consisted of As-Ks. Dovzhenko held 10s-10d. The cards given out by the flop, turn and the river were: 7h-6c-4c-Js- 7s. This eliminated Nicola in 28th place.

Several other players were eliminated swiftly after that. Dario Alioto concluded his run at 27th place and Marchini ended the tournament at 25th place. Taylor von Kriegenbergh was knocked out of the tournament by Arnaud Mattern.

The blinds were set at 2500, 5000 and 500 and Kriegenbergh had just gone all-in prior to the flop, holding As-Qd. Mattern held Qc-Qs which trumped his hand. The board read Jh-Th-2d-7h-5d, giving Kriegenbergh no out, eliminating him at 20th place. Mattern eventually finished day 3 with a stack worth 519,000.

Other Players Remaining in the Field

Ronnie Bardah managed to stay in the tournament. He had a turning point at level 18. The blinds were set at 3000, 6000 and 1000. Bardah went all-in, wagering 109,000. Piazza called his bet. Both players revealed their hands. Bardah held Ad-Qd whereas Piazza held Jh-Js. The cards dealt on the flop gave Bardah an edge and he ended his day of play with a stack valued at 257,000. Steve O’Dwyer and Roberto Romanello also remained in the tournament.




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