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  • Revel Casino Hotel In Atlantic City Closes Poker Room

    Thursday, August 1st, 2013 by Ryan

It seems that there have definitely been some ups and downs in recent years in the live poker world, especially with the actual casinos themselves. It hasn’t only been some of the different casinos, but also the poker rooms. If you go to Atlantic City or Las Vegas, you’ll see some casinos that are booming in big ways, while other ones are struggling to get people in the door, and also to stay in their hotels as well. With some casinos struggling, they have made decisions to shut down their poker rooms as well. One of these prime examples is the Revel Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, as they have decided that they’ll be closing their poker room in the next month. As you may know, the real ways that casinos make money isn’t by their poker rooms, but it is the table games and other parts of the casino. It just wasn’t worth it for this casino in Atlantic City to keep their poker room open anymore.

There was a statement released from the Revel Casino Hotel about the situation itself, and it basically stated that the hotel had considered doing this for a while, and that it is being done in an “effort to further improve the overall operating performance of Revel Casino Hotel.” For that reason, management decided to close the poker room at the Revel Casino Hotel as of August 2013. It did also state that the option to offer poker would be considered in the future as a “component of an overall strategy related to our online opportunities.” They made sure to let everyone know that they have talented professionals working in this area, and that the company itself is doing their best to continue to place as many of these people in other areas as they can.

It’s been just a tough run for the Revel Casino Hotel, as it’s not only them that you can find struggling in Atlantic City, but many different hotels and casinos that are struggling. This past month we saw the casino come out of bankruptcy protection, and try to start making the major changes that are needed to get things going back in the right direction. They did bring out a new promotion this month that is a nice touch, where players who lose more than $100 at the slot machines are going to get their losses refunded by the casino, so that is definitely something that gamblers are going to be drawn to.

Now, it’s not just giving the $100 back to the players, but the money gets credited onto the Revel Card that the player has, which is an effort to try to keep the players coming back in through the door. It will be placed over a 20 week span as well in different installments, meaning that the players have to keep coming back if they want to take advantage of this money that they are getting back.

The casino also has decided to focus their energy on drawing in the average local and regional gamblers. While the high rollers are nice draw ins, they aren’t going to have some type of luxurious experience for those high limit players, but they are still focused in on making sure that they have a very nice casino and some great amenities as well. This means that players are going to get a lower price offered for the few days that they are in town, and hopefully that these prices and a good experience will bring the players back to Revel when they get back into Atlantic City for their next trip. One interesting note of things that they have changed, is that Revel is now allowing players to smoke in the casino, and they had originally prohibited that.

They stated that they know they’ve “made mistakes”, but that if you give them a second chance they are hoping that the players can be “wowed” by them. The changes that the Revel Casino Hotel are making are definitely interesting, and I’m going to be very interested to see how closing down their poker room will go as well. It seems that it just wasn’t a big drawing point either for players, so they will be focusing their energy on the rest of the casino and their hotel.




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