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  • Robin Ylitalo Wins European Poker Tour London’s Main Event

    Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 by Ryan

While all eyes are currently locked in on the World Series of Poker Europe, we have to take a quick look at the impressive winner from the European Poker Tour London’s Main Event. Not only because it was a very impressive win, but it came along with a nice pay day against a solid field also. When all was said and done it was Robin Yliatlo who had to grind out the final day of action over an eight hour span to grab the victory and take home the first place pay day £560,980. When the action started, we saw Ylitalo sitting in third place with some work to do with 2.795 million chips. While sitting pretty, Jeff Rossiter was the player everyone had to catch with 5.205 million chips, and then Georgios Karakousis with 4.39 million chips. After Ylitalo in third place, we saw Stefan Vagner in fourth place close behind with 2.525 million, and then Leo McClean, Jan Sjavik, Ludovic Geilich, and Kully Sidhu all with under one million chips and needing to get to work quickly to catch up.

Vagner may have been in fourth to start the day, but he got things rolling quickly. On the first hand of the day he got some chips from the leader in Rossiter, and then hit Karakousis on the very next hand. Unfortunately the hot run out of the gate turned fairly quickly, as he doubled up Geilich when his opponents’ Q-4 saw a four come against his K-Q. The first knockout came soon after that though, as Karakousis was able to get a win with his J-10 against the A-Q of Sidhu, sending Sidhu home early on. Karakousis found himself in the lead at that point, and just kept building after he took more chips from Rossiter.

Rossiter and Karakousis seemed to continually be running into each other, and just after the previously mentioned hand, the two got it again. In this one Rossiter opened up the action with 100k from the cutoff, and Karakousis called on the button. The flop came down 5-7-3, and Rossiter check-called a bet of 150k. The Queen on the turn led to another check-call of 250k. Both slowed down the action here and checked the six on the river, and Rossiter showed A-7. Karakousis dropped his A-J into the muck, and also gave the chip lead back to his opponent.

Geilich was one of the shorter stacks that picked up some chips, but McClean and Sjavik were both unable to do so. Sjavik moved in and Geilich made the call. Geilich showed pocket nines and Sjavik’s pocket sevens couldn’t catch up. Sjavik was sent home in seventh place, and we were one step closer to crowning a winner. Shockingly, McClean wasn’t the next gone though, but it was Vagner. Vagner got into a hand with Geilich who raised originally, and Ylitalo, who re-raised. Vagner shoved all-in and it led to a snap call by Ylitalo. Vagner’s Q-J was behind the A-K of Ylitalo, and the Ace coming on the turn was all she wrote. Ylitalo had the lead, and Vagner was sent home in sixth place.

Shockingly, McClean kept hanging, and Rossiter actually fell below him in chips, and was then sent home in fifth place by Karakousis. Geilich was the next to go in fourth place against Ylitalo, and this left us with three players. McClean and Karakousis both had a ton of work to do though to catch Ylitalo, as McClean had 2.2 million, Karakousis had 3.965 million, and Ylitalo had 12.215 million. McClean did double up through Ylitalo, but soon after was knocked out by Karakousis when his A-Q couldn’t better the pocket threes of his opponent.

So now we had a heads up match between Ylitalo and Karakousis, where Ylitalo had a four million chip lead to start. The final hand saw Ylitalo and Karakousis get it all in pre-flop, with Ylitalo showing A-Ks against the A-6o. Ylitalo grabbed the win, and Karakousis got a pay day of £349,200 for second place.




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