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    Wednesday, December 19th, 2012 by Ryan

In the past year or two in the online poker world, we’ve found ourselves running into some strange situations with online poker sites shutting down, the issue of Black Friday, and many other things. This most recent news that came out relates directly to an online poker site under the Merge Gaming Network, called RPM Poker. RPM Poker jumped into the news last week when they closed without giving players any warning, which left the players with a whole lot of confusion and looking to find out exactly what happened with the site and also how to retrieve their funds as well. Let’s take a look at the story a bit more in-depth and explain what happened with the shut down.

The bad news started off on Thursday night late, and Friday morning early. Players were still able to login to their accounts at RPM during the day though, but the rpmpoker.eu website was actually down and not running at all. Customers also were receiving strange emails from the customer service at RPM, which stated that “RPM Poker is no longer operating”, something that obviously put everyone into a bit of a frenzy. A follow email was then sent from the client services manager at the online poker site on Friday afternoon, and the email summed things up a bit more, but left people a bit confused. The email stated that “RPMPoker is an active partner of the Merge Gaming Network, and the site is fully operational.” The email put players’ minds at ease a bit, and the email went on to state that the “agent that provided this information was confused with another closed site such as BluffRoom or FeltStars.”

Bad news though followed that, because just a few hours after that, it looked like that second email was just to cover up for something that was released too soon. The customer service rep apparently let the information out too early, but signs of life were still there was rpmpoker.eu was back up and running. The announcement was then made that RPM Poker was “purchased by a third party”, it also stated that players’ funds were “safe and you will be playing poker shortly.” It stated that if you have any other account on Merge, that you can have your RPM Poker balance moved to that location, and if not then you can choose a Merge partner and follow the steps. The partners that were included in this were sportsbook.ag, CarbonPoker.ag, and PlayersOnly.ag.

As far as any other communication that came from poker room or the Merge Gaming Network, that message that was posted above was just about it about the situation. There still hasn’t been an explanation as to what happened in the situation or why the site closed down. Even more important, we aren’t sure exactly what happened with the purchase from that third party that was listed above.

There is good news in all of this though, as there have been forums talking about this that have stated that the funds transfers to different Merge networks have gone well, and that rakeback deals are being handled as well. As far as VIP Points and things along those lines go, we don’t know too much more about that, but it’s likely that those types of things are not going to be transferred.

The Merge Gaming Network also stopped accepting new players at their sites from the United States this past year because of the massive amount of players who moved over from PokerStars, Full Tilt, and many other sites. They did re-open in October and began taking United States players again. Things took a down turn though for the network though when their largest site, Lock Poker, made a move to purchase the Cake Poker Network and create their own network in the Revolution Gaming Network. The CEO of Merge, Anthony Taylor stepped down just a few months ago, and two other sites in BluffRoom and FeltStars both shut down soon after that as well. It’s an interesting bit of news that has come out here, and definitely raises some questions about the future of the Merge Gaming Network and what is going to happen with this network.




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